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Have you stumbled across ‘Clean cakes’ yet? It’s a business, a blog and a recently published book, dedicated to making ‘naturally delicious patisserie’, that’s free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, and ‘packed with nourishing, whole and unrefined ingredients’. Part of the ‘eat clean’ movement, the results look absolutely wonderful!

Clean cakes: what it’s all about

Here’s what it’s all about:

‘My new pâtisserie is about eating food in its simplest form from the earth, nature-made food, not man-made ‘food’. It’s about buying raw and unrefined food, as opposed to buying things with labels on them, wrapped in layers of packaging that sit on the supermarket shelf for months. Buy fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, free-range eggs, local grass-fed meat and cook with it, ensuring you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Whole foods, unprocessed, unrefined and natural foods are what our bodies thrive on. These are exactly the types of ingredients I use in my Clean Cakes.’ Clean also means using local, seasonal, organic, ethical and Fairtrade ingredients.

Just in case you fear the mouthwatering photographs are misleading, the blog continues:

‘How can you lose any flavour if you’re using fresh and local fruit and vegetables, at the peak of their season bursting with colour and juice? How can you lose flavour when you’re using unrefined cold-pressed oils, retaining all the taste and nutrients of their primary source? Why would you want to eat sickly sweet white caster sugar when you can have Medjool dates, bursting with their sticky, deep, natural caramel flavours or the delicate sweet nectar that is raw honey?’

Including, not excluding

Hen (Henrietta Inman), the patissier in question, began the blog and wrote the book to cater for all the customers she met who were cutting out gluten, dairy and refined sugar, or who had serious intolerances to them. She also admits that after many years of working with standard patisserie ingredients, she simply felt a little stifled. There were so many other wonderful ingredients out there, and she was dying to get to grips with them.

Naturally Good Food has the same sort of approach. We’re experts in providing gluten-free, dairy-free and alternative products to customers with allergies and intolerances (including, of course, coeliac disease). You can even obtain our gluten-free range on prescription within the UK. But we don’t think that our products are purely there as alternatives: for maximum nutrition and enjoyment, we should all eat a varied diet. There’s no need to eat wheat flour in every meal: there are amazing wheat-free and gluten-free flours and grains available. Our various syrups and sugar alternatives can bring a different flavour and balance of vitamins and minerals to your dishes. And if you only ever drink dairy milk, you’ll never know the wonderful taste and nutritional value of coconut milk, almond milk or oat milk! We think our ‘free from’ products are for those needing to ‘include’ things in their diet, as well as ‘exclude’ them.

You can see our gluten-free and dairy-free ranges here. Our full baking selection is here, and includes all the gluten-free options and dairy-free milks and chocolates. Use the handy tick boxes on the left-hand side to narrow your search down, if necessary.

Ingredients list

If you’re interested in making clean cakes just like Hen, check out her ingredients list here. You’ll be delighted to know that with just two exceptions, Naturally Good Food can supply you with every single item listed.



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