Himalayan Salt Sole Drink recipe

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We sell a good range of Himalayan pink salts at Naturally Good Food. We’ve recently started stocking Rose Pink Rock Salt from Profusion and were intrigued to discover that this is often used to make a particular drink: Sole. We decided to find out more!

Use this salt to make Sole

Rich in minerals and finely balanced: the perfect salt?

Below, we reproduce instructions (gleaned from the web) on how to make this drink. To see our full range of Himalayan salts, click here – and to see all our wonderful natural salts, including seaweed salt, sea salts and other unrefined salts, click here.

How to make Sole

Sole (pronounced ‘solay’) is a super-salty drink, in which water is saturated with salt.

To start with, take a jar with a lid and fill it with about 1 inch of rock salt.

Cover with a further 2 or 3 inches of water. Leave the rock salt crystals to dissolve overnight. When they have, add some more rock salt and repeat, until the water is unable to dissolve any more salt. The liquid is now super-saturated with salt.

Don’t drink this water just as it is! Instead, take a teaspoon of the mixture and dissolve it further in water each morning, then drink it before you drink or eat anything else.

How does it help?

Drinking sole is supposed to give you the full energy and nutrients of the salt. Its proponents state that it helps with hydration, detoxing, circulation, digestion, energy, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, healthy bones and muscle cramps. Drinking water with salt in, it’s claimed, allows your body to assimilate and absorb the nutrients, without the water simply passing straight through.

How does it taste?

They’re cagey about this online. But apparently, it tastes just like salt water – and is easy to drink. Worth giving a go?



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