Let’s be positive about coeliac disease!

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Diagnosed with coeliac disease? Or perhaps a family member has? If so, then you actually have reason to celebrate – because once diagnosed, treatment for this autoimmune condition is easy and should remove your symptoms. This week is Coeliac Awareness Week, organised by Coeliac UK. The organisation is concentrating, quite rightly, on getting more people correctly diagnosed. They’ve got a list of symptoms that need checking out on their website here, as well as lots of useful advice and support. At Naturally Good Food, however, we’re focusing instead on the more positive side of the story.

Let’s think positive

Just take a look at what’s trending on twitter: #coealiacawarenessweek. It’s not the ‘symptoms selfies’ requested by Coeliac UK, showing people suffering! Instead, there’s been an overwhelmingly positive response, with people posting advice, tips, and photos of their amazing gluten-free foods, and companies promoting their gluten-free products.

Make gluten-free a positive with Naturally Good Food.

Naturally Good Food makes eating gluten-free easy and enjoyable!

At Naturally Good Food, we sell pretty much everything you need to make a gluten-free lifestyle possible, easy and enjoyable. If you’ve just been diagnosed, or are supporting someone who has, then you don’t need to think in negative terms. You may need to remove gluten from your diet – but in doing so, you’re about to open a treasure chest of wonderful alternatives.

Take pasta, for example. You’re not eating wheat pasta any more – but that won’t stop you enjoying brown rice lasagne, buckwheat spirals, chickpea or red lentil fusilli, corn rigatoni, and maize, millet, amaranth or quinoa penne.

Just one of our many gluten-free pastas.

Red lentil fusilli: who says you can’t have pasta?

Worried about missing out on bread? No need. If you’re feeling creative, we sell gluten-free bread mixes for use in standard ovens or in breadmakers. If you like doing things completely from scratch, we have gluten-free bread flours for you to work with. But we also have readymade breads, as well as a huge range of crispbreads, breadsticks, pitta breads and pizza mixes.

We have a dedicated section of our website for gluten-free products of all descriptions. We source these from a wide range of suppliers – remembering of course, that many things are naturally gluten-free – and we’re also the UK stockist of the Orgran brand, which is frequently prescribed by the NHS for those suffering from coeliac disease. Orgran is a truly comprehensive range of alternative foods, all of which are free from gluten, as well as from dairy, soya and many other allergens.

We stock the comprehensive Orgran range

Orgran gluten-free gluten – yes, really!

Our complete gluten-free range covers flour, baking mixes and products, breads, snacks, treats, pasta of all kinds, oats, cereals, flakes and tinned food, as well as everything that’s free from gluten anyway. We even have gluten-free gluten – a very useful contradiction in terms: a product that mimics the action of gluten in baking.

Click here to see our dedicated gluten-free area. If you’re in any other part of the website, use the checkboxes on the left-hand side to narrow your search down to gluten-free products.



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