Liquid stevia: natural sugar alternative

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We’ve just started stocking liquid stevia from Sweet Solutions, in 50ml and 30ml bottles. Stevia, a green, leafy plant that’s native to South and Central America, has naturally sweet leaves. Its extract, stevia rebaudiana, is thought to be 250-300 times sweeter than ordinary table sugar.

Liquid stevia may prove easier to use than stevia powder

Liquid stevia: naturally sweeter than sugar

Stevia has been used for centuries in South America as a natural sweetener for food and drinks. It’s also had various medicinal uses, including as a cardiac stimulant and a treatment for heartburn. It became a well-known sugar alternative in Japan in the 1970s, when there was a move away from chemical sweeteners. The Japanese are now the biggest consumers of stevia, using it both in processed foods and as a sugar alternative on its own. In 2011 stevia extract was approved for use in the EU.

We’ve stocked stevia powder, which you can see here, for some time. This is made from dried, ground stevia leaves.

Liquid stevia: easy to use and measure

Stevia liquid may, however, prove easier to use in some cases. You simply add a drop at a time until you achieve the taste you’re looking for. The manufacturers reckon that 3-4 drops are equivalent to 1 tsp of sugar – and the bottle has a handy ‘dropper’ to make measuring easy. Using stevia in liquid form is a great idea for hot drinks, porridge, smoothies and sweetening yoghurt. It’s easy to incorporate into baking too.

Why should you use it?

Stevia is a really good sugar alternative. It has no calories (and no carbohydrates). It doesn’t cause tooth decay (and in fact, is sometimes included in toothpaste, as it inhibits the growth of oral bacteria). More importantly, it isn’t converted to glucose in the body, giving it a glycaemic index (GI) of 0. It therefore doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, making it ideal for people on low-GI diets and for those with type II diabetes. Without spikes and drops in blood sugar levels, people tend to experience fewer hunger pangs and cravings, allowing them to eat healthily much more easily.

Stevia is just one of our natural sugar alternatives

We also sell stevia powder

This liquid stevia differs from many stevia products on the market because it has nothing at all added to it (the extract is contained within purified Scottish spring water, but we’re not counting that)! There are no ‘bulking agents’, flavourings or preservatives at all. If any sedimentation occurs, give the bottle a shake before use.

Stevia is just one of the natural sugar alternatives we stock. Click here to see them all.

Click here to see all our stevia products.



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