How to cook perfect quinoa

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You know how to pronounce it, you know how good it is for you (and how tasty) – but do you know how to cook quinoa so that it’s just perfect?! Rather like rice, quinoa can turn a bit soggy if you handle it carelessly. Following a slightly disappointing meal of quinoa last week, I thought I’d refresh my memory as to the very best way to cook this amazing grain. Read on – for perfect quinoa.

We've gleaned the very best tips for perfect quinoa.

Perfect quinoa: this is how to do it!

Perfect quinoa

Here are my tips!

  • Use the right amount of water. As with rice, it’s really all about ratios. For every cup of quinoa you put in a pan, put in one-and-a-quarter cups of water.
  • Use the right amount of quinoa! To avoid waste, measure it out per portion. One cup of dried quinoa will give you two cups of cooked quinoa.
  • Cook until the last bit of water has left the pan. This will take 10-15 minutes.
  • After cooking, don’t leave the quinoa to sit damply for a long time. If it’s still in the pan, rather than on your plate, take the lid off so that the steam can escape, and fluff it up with a fork.
  • Have it with something tasty. Quinoa is a superfood all by itself, but it would be unusual to eat it completely unadorned. Try it with fish, meat, pulses, lentils or vegetables – on the side, or stirred through the grain. Quinoa is an extremely versatile accompaniment or base for a meal.
  • Enhance its flavour before boiling: toast it before you cook it, by stirring it round in a dry saucepan over the heat for a minute or so.
  • Enhance its flavour while boiling: use stock, rather than just water. If you do use water, make sure you add salt.
  • Enhance its flavour after boiling: squirt on some lemon or lime juice, or add oil, salt, pepper or herbs.

Why bother?

Why bother with quinoa at all? Well, because it has pretty amazing nutritional qualities. It’s a ‘complete protein’, containing all of the essential amino acids, and can thus truly replace meat in a meal. It’s rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. And it’s got a great crunch and taste that makes a real change from other grains.

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