What does the Queen eat for breakfast?

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As the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations continue, you may by now have had your fill of cream teas and Victoria sponges. But still eager to celebrate, at Naturally Good Food we thought we’d take a slightly different angle. We’re going to look at the royal breakfast. After all, they do say that you should breakfast like a king (and lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper…).

A right royal breakfast table!

Breakfast like a king or queen – with Naturally Good Food!

How can we help you breakfast like royalty?

According to the Telegraph (and if anyone knows, they do), this is what the Queen herself eats for breakfast:

‘she likes Cornflakes or Special K, with a spoonful or two of apricots, prunes or some macadamia nuts from a Tupperware box, or, when at Balmoral, woodland strawberries. Sometimes she will have a boiled egg, or just toast and marmalade, with Darjeeling tea’.

Organic apricots are intensely flavoured

Organic apricots: rich and healthy, like the Royal Family themselves

Some readers might remember, from some years back, the photo of the Queen’s breakfast table with its array of Tupperware boxes. The Queen loves Tupperware. This is because she doesn’t have to find the correct lids for the boxes herself.

At Naturally Good Food, we are pleased to be able to supply you with much of what you’ll need for a truly royal breakfast:

  • Cereal: we sell three varieties of cornflakes. We also sell a huge range of absolutely wonderful cereals: organic, wholegrain and gluten-free. If I were the Queen, frankly, I would eat Paleo Food’s grain-free honey and pecan granola, or Primrose Kitchen’s raw beetroot muesli. Click here to see all the cereals we have.
  • A breakfast cereal fit for a queen

    Raw beetroot muesli: looks better than Tupperware on your table

  • Apricots: we sell the country’s best apricots – dark, unsulphured, organic apricots, with a dark, intense sweetness.
  • Prunes: sticky, juicy, organic prunes are one of our best-selling lines.
  • Macadamia nuts: appropriately known as the ‘Queen of nuts’, these delicate, waxy nuts are expensive, but worth every penny.
  • Marmalade: whether the Queen muses on Mary Queen of Scots or not as she tucks in, marmalade is one of the classiest things to spread on toast in the morning. We sell a couple of varieties.
  • Tea: the British do tea spectacularly well, and at Naturally Good Food we’re no exception. Click here to see tea for every class of society, every time of day and every possible mood.

And for those of us who are unlikely ever to make it into the royal family, we have other breakfast options: porridge, coffee, jam, honey, chocolate spreads and nut butters. Click here to browse our full Breakfast section.

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