Do you eat an upper-class breakfast?

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No, I’m not talking about the Ambridge hens! Breakfast is, we’re told, the ‘most important meal of the day’. It’s the one meal dieticians encourage us to eat ‘like a king’. It’s the meal royalty traditionally has brought to it in bed. And yet, if it’s served all day in a café or pub, you can bet that the upper classes have never stepped over that particular threshold. So what does your own breakfast say about you?

Like everything else in British life, breakfast can be a social minefield. Luckily, the Daily Mail is on hand to guide us through, having engaged a social etiquette expert, William Hanson, to talk about the various pitfalls.

At Naturally Good Food we decided to consult a few other experts too – as well as our own common sense. We like to provide the best food to all our customers. Whatever you’re looking for, here’s how we can help!

The Working Class Breakfast

Bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, mushroom and tomatoes. According to Mr Hanson, this is a thoroughly working class breakfast. Personally, I think it only qualifies as such if it includes hash browns.

We sell three varieties of cornflakes.

Cornflakes. What the Queen eats.

Mr Hanson also describes breakfast cereal as working class, which is presumably news to the Queen, who likes to tuck into cornflakes each morning. There are cornflakes and cornflakes, though. We only sell the best. Click here to see our cereals!

The Middle Class Breakfast

It’s often said that the Middle Classes are obsessed with their health. They’ve read the research and know just what they want: protein, complex carbohydrates, organic fruit, nuts and seeds, superfoods, gluten-free foods and paleo cereals. And of course, they also need coffee! If this is the case, then Naturally Good Food is thoroughly and unashamedly middle-class. We are delighted to stock:

The Queen eats cornflakes, marmalade, tea, dried fruit and macadamia nuts – but if you’re actually posher than the Queen, then you might also like to breakfast on:

  • Kedgeree; or
  • Scrambled eggs and bacon (if you’re not British, you might think there’s not much difference between this and the Full English breakfast of the working classes. You would, of course, be completely wrong.)

Breakfast like a king, a noble, a civil servant, a tradesman or a lorry driver with Naturally Good Food!



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