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Are you looking for products from Nature’s Path? We’re pleased to stock many items made by this company: cereals, snacks and gluten-free treats. Nature’s Path have ’30 years of loving the earth and the people on it’ – and in a currently rather divided world, it’s good to see someone taking an all-encompassing view!

We're proud to stock Nature's Path products

Nature’s Path: 30 years of loving the earth!

Nature’s Path is a family-run, ‘passionately independent, sustainably-driven, deliciously-healthy’ organic food company. They believe in ‘leaving the earth better than we found it’ (my mother had a similar attitude towards shabby self-catering holiday properties, incidentally). Starting in 1985, the founders of Nature’s Path dedicated themselves to ‘rooting around in nature’s larder to find the finest ancient grains, fruits and nuts’ and using them to make organic food. They’ve never since foundered in their idealism or determination.

Of course, many of their ideals are now pretty fashionable – but what still marks them out is a way of doing things that’s not driven by profit or greed. They’re out to make the best products they can, in an ethical, sustainable way. And at Naturally Good Food, we love working with brands that truly believe in what they produce!

Gluten-free experts

The cereals are also all delicious!

Nature’s Path cereals are all vegan, organic and gluten-free

Nature’s Path products are all vegan and organic – and they’re also all gluten-free. Their starting point, however, is that the products should taste great: it’s this dedication to taste that makes them stand out from certain other gluten-free products.

What we stock from Nature’s Path

We stock Nature’s Path cereals:

A great gluten-free breakfast option

Mesa Sunrise is one of our best-sellers

We also have two varieties of snack bars:

Both are extremely popular with children!

Environmental sustainability

Nature’s Path puts what it preaches into practice. They do not settle for half-hearted slogans, but have implemented:

‘large projects like the adoption of wind turbine power, being zero waste certified by the end of 2010, avoiding air freighting, converting more farms to a happier organic outlook, reducing the amount of packaging we use, only employing recycled, sustainably sourced cardboard and vegetable-based inks’

And…they recently sponsored the World Worm-Charming Championships!

Get involved

If you’re a fan of Nature’s Path products and would like to be more involved with their company and ethos, then you can join ‘The Cereal Bowl’! This is an online community where you get to find out about new products, take part in surveys and discussions, enter draws for prizes and generally help guide the company towards its future.

Click here to see all our products from Nature’s Path.



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