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Unless you’re a Mexican cactus farmer, you’re going to struggle to grow your own agave syrup. So you’re probably looking for a reliable online supply, at a good price. We think that we might be just who you need!

We stock bulk agave syrup, in various sizes

Agave syrup: do you need a bigger bottle?

Agave syrup: intensely sweet

Four years ago, agave syrup was a fairly niche product for us. We had a few bottles on a little shelf with our other sugar alternatives. We argued good-naturedly about how to pronounce ‘agave’. Then things started to change….more and more people tried this sweet stuff, loved it, and could clearly see its possibilities. Agave syrup is intensely sweet, but has a mild flavour and is not as viscous as some other syrups, or honey. It’s a low GI (glycaemic index) sweetener that gives a refreshing, rather than a cloying, taste to all sorts of foods. Also known as ‘agave nectar’, it’s completely suitable for vegans. The sap is extracted from a cactus-like plant and is heated to a temperature that’s still low enough to be classed as ‘raw’.

Bulk agave syrup

Agave syrup in bulk is a big line for us

We’re selling increasing quantities of bulk agave syrup

Nowadays, we sell an awful lot of agave syrup, in bulk containers, in a dedicated area of our workplace. (And we all know how to pronounce it!) you can still get the small bottles of course – like these – for making the most delicious cakes at home with it. But the bulk range is growing ever more strongly, as more and more catering businesses look for the best-value agave syrup on the web.

We send bulk bulk agave syrup to bakers, cocktail bars, frozen yoghurt makers and innovative caterers. We don’t like to name-drop, but we’re proud to count some extraordinarily delicious and popular brands amongst our customers. Could we help you out too?

Here’s what you can find in our bulk range:

  • A 25.5-kg container. This usually comes with a screw top, which is easily pourable, but occasionally we have it in a white drum, or bucket style.
  • Our 25.5 kg container is the largest we sell.

    Is this enough agave syrup for you?

  • A mid-bulk 5-litre container. If you use a reasonable amount of syrup, this might be your best bet.
  • A 2.5-litre container. Better value than the smaller bottles, but easily stored.

If agave syrup isn’t quite right for you, take a look at our other syrups. Would you prefer rice syrup, coconut blossom nectar, maple syrup or date syrup? Or would you like to stick to sugar, but need something unrefined and natural, with a fragrant, rich taste? there is the most amazing range of sugars, which you can see here.

In fact, you can even have granulated agave sugar, which is made from dried agave syrup! This is a fine white powder that comes in a tub with a built-in sprinkler, making it ideal for decorating purposes or adding to drinks or baking.

And if you are, by chance, a Mexican cactus farmer, then we’d like to suggest one of our refreshing juices. You probably need it.



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