A burst of freshness

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On hot, sticky days, a burst of freshness is something we all crave! A delicious, cooling shower can soothe the nerves, lighten the mood and generally make you feel much more like yourself again. But as you wash away that tension headache, traffic jam frustration and argument-with-your-boss, we at Naturally Good Food want to make sure that you’re not washing other nasty things down the drain as well!

For a burst of freshness, see our natural toiletries range

Wash away the heat of the day – in a natural way!

Freshness – the natural way

At Naturally Good Food we stock an expanding range of environmentally friendly, natural toiletries, including lots of bath foam and shower gel. Much of it is aimed specifically at children or at those with sensitive skin or allergies. We believe in preserving our environment and take care to stock products that don’t pollute the waterways and that aren’t produced in an unsustainable manner.

For those particularly hot, enervating days, we’d suggest:

When you’re out of the shower? Use one of these moisturisers, which are produced to the same high standards. We have, for example:

These products smell lovely – the scent-free ones are pleasingly neutral. They’re gentle to your skin and to the environment. Each of the companies involved have different environmental and ethical standards, but all are high. In general, you’ll find that these are products that are not tested on animals, that avoid synthetic fragrances and colourants, and that don’t use aggressive chemicals.

Feeling cool enough yet?

The perfect after-shower drink!

Pukka’s Refresh tea to cool and balance

And when you’re nice and clean, and sitting out in the cool of the evening, why not continue the mood with a nice cup of tea (which, as every British person knows, cools you down, rather than warms you up) in hot weather? We’d suggest Pukka’s Refresh herbal tea: ‘to cool and balance’!


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