Natural help with hayfever?

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Hayfever can make life pretty miserable for many people at this time of year. Some people simply don’t get on with the heavy-duty medicinal approach to it, especially when this has a tendency to cause drowsiness. Others are only lightly affected, so are looking for a more natural remedy. Perhaps some of these ideas could help you out?

Haymax pure balm: a natural hayfever remedy

We sell Haymax balm at Naturally Good Food. This is made from a mixture of organic sunflower oil and beeswax. You apply it around the base of each nostril, where it stops pollen entering the nose. It has no particular fragrance and is obviously drug-free, with no reported side-effects. It’s therefore ideal for children and for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Haymax is a natural hayfever remedy.

Haymax pure balm: pop it in your pocket!

We sell this in a 5ml pot or in three small, pocket-sized cases. It’s just one of the award-winning, innovative organic products we stock.


Many people swear by this remedy. The idea is that you take a couple of spoonfuls of honey every day, some three months or so before you’d expect your hayfever symptoms to start. As the honey contains small amounts of the pollen that causes hayfever – but in a different form – your body begins to build up immunity, without suffering in the meantime. By the time the summer arrives, you should find a lessening of symptoms.

Start in the Spring, to prepare your body for the summer.

Could our amazing honeys help you out?

Some people state that the honey must be local to you, so that the pollen encountered is the same. However, it’s generally thought that any good-quality honey will do the trick. Click here to see what we offer.

Bee pollen

Along the same lines, a spoonful or two of bee pollen is believed by many to relieve hayfever symptoms. We sell bee pollen from two sources – but not specifically as a hayfever remedy! Bee pollen is also very popular with endurance athletes as a natural supplement that increases stamina and energy. It’s very rich, nutritionally, and has a lovely aroma and taste.

Bee pollen is also popular with athletes, to increase stamina

Looks lovely, smells lovely and tastes lovely – and might just work!

Nettle or chamomile tea

Nettles and chamomile are natural anti-histamines, so drinking this kind of tea makes sense. Why not stir some of your honey into it as well? Click here to see our nettle tea and here for our chamomile options.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another natural anti-histamine. See our range of dried fruit, rich in this vitamin, for some good ideas!

And…if you’re all sorted for the great outdoors now, why not also check out our range of natural suncreams and after sun?


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