Five dairy-free mistakes we make

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We’ve recently looked at ‘mistakes’ that are easily made when eating and buying gluten-free food – and also when cooking with pulses. But really, these aren’t mistakes: just a chance for people to learn from one another in what can be tricky areas of our diet. At Naturally Good Food we’re specialists in wholefoods and in gluten-free food. We also supply lots of customers with dairy-free food. So do we have any advice to offer in this area? Are there any common mistakes made with dairy-free products?

We have lots of experience in helping customers buy dairy-free products.

Can we help you avoid dairy-free mistakes?

We thought of a few – and unusually, we think we might be the first company on the internet to come up with these!

Eating horrible dairy-free chocolate

Back in the 1980s, when my youngest sister had to avoid milk chocolate, there were some truly horrible alternatives. Not so today! We stock dairy-free chocolates that are amazingly, luxuriously tasty. You don’t actually need dairy milk to make proper chocolate taste wonderful – and if you’ve yet to be convinced, try some of these Booja Booja or Moo Free chocolates. Eat them, then eat your words (or your hat).

Impossible to go wrong with our dairy-free chocolates!

Booja Booja chocolates: who needs dairy milk?

Leaving the milk out of recipes

If you’re avoiding dairy produce, then when a recipe calls for milk, don’t just simply leave it out – or use water instead. If you do, the recipe will end up a little odd, with the texture not quite what you’d expect. At Naturally Good Food we stock a fantastic, comprehensive range of non-dairy milks. We have nut milks, coconut milk, rice milk, quinoa milk, hemp milk and sheep’s milk – as well as soya milk. If you use these in a recipe, you should be able to do a straight substitution for dairy milk. We have a good guide to the use of non-dairy milks in our blogs to help you decide which one is right in which situation.

Always using the same non-dairy milk

In the past, there wasn’t much choice for dairy-free milk. Nowadays, and particularly if you shop with us, there’s almost too much to choose from! Certain milks work better in certain circumstances: see our other blogs to help you choose.

Or quinoa milk? Or rice milk?

Ever thought of using hemp milk?

Not getting enough calcium or protein

Dairy milk might not be for you, but it does give a good dose of calcium and protein in every glass. If you’re not getting these from milk, you need to work out how to obtain them from your diet in other respects. This isn’t very hard if you eat a good, nutritious and balanced diet. When it comes to non-dairy milk, take a good look at the nutritional make-up of each kind. Some are naturally richer in these elements than others, while some are specifically fortified with them.

Forgetting about other products

Check carefully! If you’re avoiding dairy products altogether, then you need to be aware of all foodstuffs that may contain milk (some of them are rather unexpected). We stock the Orgran range of food – a pretty comprehensive selection, which can be seen here. This is gluten-free and dairy-free. In addition, you can view all our dairy-free products here, or search for them using the check boxes on the left-hand side of the screen.

No dairy? No problem!



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