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In these pleasant summer days, the benefits that farming brings to the UK are more obvious than ever. Even if you live right in the middle of a city or town, you’ll be only a bus ride away from some form of countryside. Round where we are, we have fields of green, brown, pale blue and yellow stretching away into the distance, divided into smaller patches by raggedy hedges. Clumps of trees, rivers and small hills form natural boundaries, and it all shimmers under the summer sun.

The Soil Association protects this landscape.

It’s a green and pleasant land this summer!

Farmers are often described as the natural custodians of our landscape. It’s a landscape that has shaped our lives in almost every way: influencing the types of houses we live in, the ways we generate energy, our ability to travel, the kind of food we can grow and eat, our constitutions, our literature, our aspirations and thoughts. We need cities and technology, but there can be no doubt that we need the countryside just as much – if not more. Soil is the beginning and end of all our life-cycles – and it’s soil that sustains all of us.

The Soil Association protects our landscape and resources

So it makes sense to protect this most precious resource and heritage. That’s where the Soil Association comes in, of course. The Soil Association describes itself as:

‘the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use.’

It has a strong focus on organic production (at Naturally Good Food, we are certified and audited by the Soil Association for our own organic packing), as part of its general ethos of supporting sustainability:

‘We help provide solutions that help people to live, eat, farm and grow with the resources that are available. We want to pioneer new solutions to tackle climate change, support biodiversity, improve animal welfare and champion fairness.’

The Soil Association believes that:

‘Good food, the best food, is organically grown, minimally processed, fairly traded, fresh and seasonal. And this food should be a right, not a privilege: we want to make sure everyone has access to food that is healthy for them and the planet.’

If you agree with this, perhaps you’d like to consider joining the Soil Association? It’s remarkably cheap! For just £3.50 a month, you’ll receive campaign and policy updates, the Living Earth magazine, with its wealth of useful advice and features, access to the Soil Network (connecting you with local farmers and growers), and membership of the online food club, which provides you with ‘quick, easy and budget-friendly organic recipes, as well as tips and tricks from food lovers and chefs for cooking and growing your own, whatever size your garden is.’ There are special membership offers to make organic products more affordable, and invitations to events, farm walks and debates.

A small London boy of my acquaintance recently failed to distinguish correctly between a sheep and a cow. Just £3.50 a month might help to address this problem!

If you’re interested in joining the Soil Association, click here to find out more.

And of course, if you’re interested in organic food and other products, click here to see our wonderful range.

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