Meridian: safe for orangutans

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Meridian peanut butter is one of our best-selling products – in addition to all the other Meridian nut and seed butters. We sell it in small and large sizes, and in all the varieties we can find: smooth, crunchy, unsalted, with a pinch of sea-salt….there’s a peanut butter there for everyone!

And Meridian protects orangutans too!

Meridian peanut butter: no elephants were harmed in the packaging process.

But what’s it all got to do with orangutans? Or with elephants, for that matter? The Meridian peanut butter advert shows an elephant’s foot squeezing some nuts into one of their jars. Assuming that’s not actually a part of their packing process (which would raise a few ethical issues), it indicates just how many extra nuts Meridian manages to squeeze into their butters. Indeed, they say: ‘nobody squeezes more nuts in’.

Meridian don’t use palm oil

Meridian reckon they can do this because they don’t fill up the space in their jars with palm oil or sugar. The sugar is a matter of taste and health, of course (and the butters do contain naturally occurring sugars). The omission of palm oil however, is a deliberate environmental policy – and that’s where the orangutans come in.

The natural nut oils and nutrition are also retained.

Without palm oil, there’s more space for nuts.

When you’re making peanut butter (or any other nut and seed butter), the oil from the nuts and seeds has a tendency to separate out. Many nut butter manufacturers make the process easier on themselves by removing the oil from the nuts when it separates, and then adding in palm oil, which works really well as an emulsifier.

There are (at least) two problems with this. First, you’re getting rid of the nutrient-rich natural nut oil. Second, you’re supporting the cultivation of palm oil, which presents a threat to the environment of Indonesia’s rainforests – and to the habitats of the already endangered orangutans who live there. On a large, commercial scale, palm oil cultivation leads to habitat loss, deforestation and an increase in harmful emissions.

So Meridian won’t use it. Indeed, they go one step further, supporting Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS), an organisation that looks after orangutans displaced by the loss of their habitats, helping to reintroduce them and improve their environment. Meridian have so far ‘adopted’ eight orangutans. You can find out more about their actions on their blogs here:

If you’re an orangutan, you’ll love Meridian. If you’re one of our customers, you’ll love it too. Tasty, full of nutrients, and made with a clean conscience!

To find out more about Meridian’s ingredients, packing processes, commitment to elephant working conditions and ‘rainforest pledge’, visit their website.

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