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If you’re following a gluten-free diet, you might find travelling abroad a little difficult. Naturally Good Food is one of the major European-wide suppliers of gluten-free food – we deliver a lot of ‘free from’ products to Europe precisely because other countries don’t always have such a good range. In addition, in many countries, eating establishments aren’t always completely clued-up about the needs of gluten-free customers.

The Wayfair cards can help you eat safely abroad.

Looks delicious – but is it gluten-free?

If you’re a gluten-free traveller, and operating in a foreign language, it can be hard to get across just what it is you’re avoiding. Worse, as our customers know all too well, even dishes that appear to be entirely gluten-free can have gluten lurking most unexpectedly in their sauces, garnishes and hidden ingredients!

We were therefore delighted to be contacted recently by Jo from Wayfair, a home and lifestyle company. Jo has created free gluten-free travel cards, in a number of different languages, for use in restaurants abroad. These cards contain lists of foods that you can and can’t eat and stress the danger of cross-contamination. They’re 100% mobile-friendly, which is a great plus point. Wayfair travel cards

You can see and download the cards here. The article on this webpage also gives some really interesting information and statistics about coeliac disease in the UK, some tips from Wayfair colleagues who are living (and travelling) gluten-free, and some gluten-free recipes. There’s pretty much everything the gluten-free traveller needs right there!

Wayfair gluten-free travel tips

Wayfair note four tips for a successful gluten-free trip:

‘1. If you can’t be certain a food is 100% gluten-free, don’t eat it! Better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Always pay attention to hidden gluten (eg: soy sauce or malt foods) and cross-contamination.
  1. Unprocessed and fresh foods are your safest best—you can easily see what’s on your plate.
  1. Don’t hesitate to speak to the chef directly. Many restaurants are happy to consider dietary needs.’

How NGF can help travellers

And how can we help you when you’re travelling? Well, here are two additional suggestions.

  1. If you’re travelling and then stopping in one particular location in Europe, you can arrange to have your NGF ‘free from’ order delivered directly there.
  2. Think about the best way to transport your usual foodstuffs.

    Dried milk – another good idea for ‘free from’ travellers!

  3. If you’re taking ‘free from’ food along with you on your travels, think about the best possible way of doing so. For example, we stock powdered, dried non-dairy milk, which can be easily ‘made up’ at your destination – and gluten-free cake, bread and other mixes.

So bon voyage to all our customers – and thanks to Wayfair!



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