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Why should you buy your raisins from Naturally Good Food? After all, it’s not hard to find raisins elsewhere. Every supermarket, grocers’ and petrol station seems to sell raisins – what makes ours so special?

Raisins: taste, organic status and variety - our USPs!

What makes our raisins so special?

Well, we think that it’s three things.

Raisins: first for taste

First, it’s the taste. Our raisins are plumper than the sad little shrivelled things you tend to find in supermarket cartons. They’re moister and juicier and simply, much, much tastier. It’s very hard to go back to ‘normal’ raisins once you’ve tried some of ours!

Organic status

Crazy Jack organic raisins are part of our range.

We sell a variety of organic raisins.

Second, it’s the fact that many of the varieties we sell are organic. We believe that that’s linked to the taste – raisins grown naturally, without chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and dried naturally, without preservatives, have all the taste and nutrition still in them. Nothing has been ‘refined out’. Organic farming is, we believe, the best thing for the planet. It keeps our soil healthy and our waterways unpolluted. On organic farms, crops are grown in sustainable ways. And those of us who buy organic can be reassured that we’re not ingesting unnecessary chemicals.


Third, it’s the variety. Supermarkets tend to sell just ‘raisins’. We, on the other hand, sell several specific types of raisins. We currently have:

  • Organic raisins from Turkey, South Africa or Australia. These are our standard raisins, packed under our own organic licence, in sizes ranging from 500g up to the full 12.5kg box.
  • Organic raisins from California: these tend to have a much bolder, almost fermented, flavour to them.
  • We also sell South African and Turkish organic raisins.

    Organic Californian raisins have a bold flavour.

  • Black Flame Raisins: a particularly sweet type of seedless raisin.
  • Black raisins: large, plump, glossy and dark, and purplish-brown in colour.
  • Lexia raisins: a variety of extra-large, seeded, Muscatel raisins, sourced from Australia, with a unique colour.

We also sell raisins mixed with sultanas and currants in our mixed dried fruit bags – extremely popular in the run-up to Christmas – and in snack packs, with other ingredients, such as nuts. Click here to see all our various ‘raisin’ products.

Raisins are the ideal lunchbox or breaktime snack. But you don’t have to buy them in little cardboard boxes! A bulk bag or box is the cheapest way to get all the raisins you’ll need for a week or a month; they can then be parcelled out as and when you need them. And if you’re interested in making your own ‘mix’, either for breakfast or for snacking on whilst hiking, then you might be interested in combining them with some of our nuts, other dried fruit options, chocolate or cacao nibs.

Raisins are pretty amazing – and ours are the most amazing of all!




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This post was written by Yzanne


  • Kanupriya says:

    I am looking for seeded black raisins ..

    • Yzanne says:

      Hi Kanupriya. There’s some confusion over this term: technically, ‘seeded’ means that the seeds have been removed. This is the case with our raisins. But perhaps you mean you are looking for raisins WITH seeds in? If you are, please contact us by email ( or on the phone (02476 973297) so that we can work out the best way to meet your requirements.

      Thank you,

      Yzanne Mackay
      Writer and Editor
      Naturally Good Food

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