Do you need school soya milk cartons?

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Primary schools in the UK provide school milk for their youngest pupils. In some areas and schools this is completely free – in others, the milk is subsidised. But what do you do if your child can’t drink dairy milk?

We provide school soya milk cartons for parents.

What do you do if your child can’t have milk at school?

Parents of new school starters generally want to make sure that their children don’t miss out on experiences – or on chances to refuel! – and that they aren’t marked out as being different. Many therefore provide their own non-dairy milks for primary school milk time.

School soya milk cartons

Buy these in bulk for the best price.

Could these 250ml soya milk cartons be what you need?

If you’re one of these parents, then you might be interested in our small soya milk cartons. They’re 250ml, sweetened and fortified with vitamins, and come with a straw. These cartons store well – they don’t need to be refrigerated – and you can buy them easily in bulk from Naturally Good Food. One of our customers tends to buy a term in advance: it costs around £35 for five or so small cases, providing one carton per day throughout the school year.

Coconut and rice milk cartons

If you’re not keen on soya milk, then you might prefer one of these options, again available in bulk:

Again, these are available in 250ml.

Coconut milk is another popular choice.

What else can we offer for school?

  • We also sell soya shakes in cartons, in various flavours. These won’t make it past the school milk police (and rightly so!), but they might pass muster in a lunchbox.
  • Soya desserts: in caramel, vanilla and chocolate – a good alternative to yoghurt or mousse.
  • Wot no dairy desserts: in various flavours, again, a good non-dairy alternative pudding.
  • Fruit and nut snack bars: you might have heard of Nakd bars, which we stock – but have you checked out our Rawbite or Primal Pantry range? Click here to see all our healthy snacks.
  • Dried fruit: even the most rigorous of school lunch policies tend to allow dried fruit – and we have an amazing range. Dark apricots, toffee-ish dates, fruity figs, and handfuls of rich sultanas and raisins – if your child has never tried organic dried fruit, take a little taster 250g pack and let them have a few. You’ll be surprised quite how different it tastes from standard dried fruit!

Click here to see our full range of non-dairy products.




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