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Rob, our resident medal-winning staff cyclist, recently drew my attention to the Vegan Cyclist blog. Rob is keen to have the best possible diet for cycling and has gone as far down the vegetarian route as he can. The Vegan Cyclist, meanwhile, has taken it all a little further; his blog makes for interesting reading.

Naturally Good Food can help you with a vegan cyclist diet.

For optimum health on wheels, see how we can help you!

Mick Walker is the man behind Vegan Cyclist. He’s a biology teacher, with a good understanding of nutritional needs, physiology, environmental factors and diet. He found that becoming vegan, a couple of years ago, led to ‘immediate and surprising’ benefits in his strength, health and fitness, including weight loss. Now about to retire, and with cycling taking up more of his time, he wants to use the blog ‘to promote the benefits of a plant based diet in maintaining health and fitness in later life.’

Most of the blog consists of reviews of books, articles and programmes. If you’re interested in cycling and in following a healthy diet for fitness, it’s certainly worth a look.

The vegan cyclist diet: how can we help?

For natural sports nutrition, check out our range.

Naturally Good Food has a dedicated Sports Nutrition section.

At Naturally Good Food, we count many vegans and cyclists among our customers! In addition to our standard wholefoods, organic and free from ranges, we have a dedicated natural Sports Nutrition section. We’ve grouped many of our standard products in this, with subsections on Sports snacks, Sports drinks, Nut and seed butters, Pasta and noodles and Oily fish (not for vegans, obviously). We’ve also, more specifically, developed sections on natural Sports supplements, Sports superfoods and Sports protein powders. We’ve found that these are particularly appealing to vegans – sporty or not – as innovative alternatives to meat-based proteins.

Here’s a quick look at ten of the products we stock that might be just what vegan cyclists need!

  • Whole Earth 3-Nut butter: cashew, hazel and peanut – just one of our dozens of nut butters
  • Or try a seed butter, which are often cheaper.

    Just one of our many nut butters!

  • Organic, raw pumpkinseed butter from Carleys: this premium product is rich in zinc and iron. We stock various seed butters, which have the advantage of generally being cheaper than the nut butters.
  • Red banana powder: a great natural sweetener.
  • Pulsin pea protein powder: perhaps the best-known of the protein powders, this is low in carbohydrates and fat and a great supplier of essential amino acids and vitamins.
  • Buckwheat noodles: naturally gluten-free and deliciously nutty, these are also a great source of steady energy.
  • Biona wholewheat macaroni: you can find wholewheat versions of many pasta shapes in normal supermarkets, but macaroni is harder to track down. Here it is!
  • Brazil and Cherry raw paleo bars: from Primal Pantry, these are simply crushed nuts and fruit – this one is bursting with both sweet flavour and energy.
  • With brazil nuts and cherries, crushed together.

    Nutty and fruity, ideal for energy.

  • Deeply Dense Pitta bread from Raw Health: in truth, more of a cracker than a standard pitta bread, this is great when you need something savoury. Made with nuts and seeds.
  • Bee pollen: with a sweet taste, this is a popular supplement.
  • Beetroot Juice: we stock a range of beetroot juices, with a big take-up among cyclists.

Click here to see all our Sports Nutrition products.



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