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A few years ago we launched our natural Sports Nutrition range. We’re not specifically a sports nutrition business, but we were aware that many of our customers were buying our food with an aim to improving their sports performance, on the track and at the gym. We researched the market and decided to open a section dedicated to products that help build and repair muscle, promote endurance and give generally good health for those who are most active – but all in a natural way.

We can supply you with the best food to match your efforts at the gym!

We’re interested in natural sports nutrition.

Gary joined us at Naturally Good Food a few months ago. He’s a keen gym-goer and has had many helpful things to say about our Sports Nutrition products. A while ago I asked him for his particular recommendations from our range – what works for him at the gym?

Cutting out meat

Becoming vegetarian – indeed, ‘almost vegan’ – is the biggest improvement to his health that Gary can think of. He’s resistant to the idea of eating animals anyway, but also felt that he was spending a lot of time burning off unnecessary animal fat. After cutting out meat, he feels that his energy levels are markedly higher. He’s replaced the protein from meat with various other options, including:

Organic food

Gary believes in eating organic where affordable and avoiding GMOs as much as possible. He’s very keen to keep unnecessary chemicals out of his lifestyle, so also uses organic soap and toiletries. He advises making your own food, rather than buying the expensive kits often sold by gyms or exercise shops. These kits, for snacks like flapjacks, often contain ingredients you’d rather weren’t there – an alternative can easily be made from scratch from raw products.

Cutting down on sugar

Gary also favours honey for sweetening.

Xylitol is just one of our natural sweeteners.

Gary believes firmly in keeping sugar in its place, consuming it only in moderation. Avoiding processed food helps him do this. He finds xylitol a great substitute and honey a good way of sweetening without using refined sugar.


Overall, Gary makes fruit and vegetables the basis of his diet, frequently blitzing these, with some nuts and protein powders, in a juicer.

Naturally Good Food and nutrition for the gym

In Naturally Good Food’s full Sports Nutrition range, we have sections on:

Have you heard of all these powders?

From the ordinary, to the extraordinary, check out our full Sports Nutrition range!

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