Rude Health porridge championships

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It’s the Rude Health porridge championships 2016! As a fan of porridge, I’m always interested in this event, which truly takes porridge to the next level. The championships are hosted by Rude Health, producers of exceptionally healthy and delicious grains, non-dairy milks, cereals and savoury thins. Click here to see some of the Rude Health porridge championships entries for 2015, featuring porridges such as chia with poached beetroot pears, blackberries and coconut yoghurt, and a fermented porridge made with hemp milk, hemp seed butter and dates, topped with pears poached in star anise and orange juice, with a rosehip syrup, and sprinkled with star anise powder and goji berries. Is there really any chance of beating that in 2016?!

The Rude Health porridge championships celebrate inspirational porridge!

Not for plain porridge: take your oats to the next level!

Well, Rude Health are prepared to try. They’ve scoured the UK for porridge connoisseurs to take part in this year’s championships, and have some big names lined up. However, you don’t need to be famous to take part: everyone is welcome to come and watch, or to submit a wild-card application to enter – see this link here for details of tickets and a chance to participate.

Spurtles at the ready: it’s the Rude Health porridge championships!

Porridge is a traditional British breakfast, but this is no traditional hidebound competition. There may be a tent, for all I know, and perhaps even bunting, but other than that, competitors are free to let their creativity run absolutely wild:

‘there will be absolutely no limitations imposed in terms of what they can create. Anything’s possible, and anything’s permissible…be it sweet, savoury, salty, spiced, steadily healthily, drop dead indulgent or just plain traditional. Prepare for some serious porridge innovation.’

Perhaps you’re looking to innovate your breakfast porridge yourself? If so, here are a few ideas for making the ultimate porridge!

It’s not just oats

Or try a completely different grain.

Sprouted porridge oats from Rude Health themselves!

Oats are the traditional basis of porridge, of course – but you don’t actually have to use them. How about porridge made from quinoa grain, buckwheat or brown rice flakes? What about a multigrain porridge? If you’re using oats, do you prefer straightforward porridge oats or the larger, thicker jumbo oats? How about oatmeal or oat groats? And organic or non-organic? (You might even like to try Rude Health’s sprouted porridge oats, which the company reckons are the healthiest and most delicious on the market.)

Add some liquid

Or rice or almond milk?

How about using coconut milk?

Will you just use water, or milk, or opt for one of the many non-dairy milks we have in stock – many of them supplied by Rude Health themselves? Almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk are some of the most popular porridge milks.

A touch of sweetness – or saltiness

Stir in a spoonful of normal sugar – or go wild and opt for agave nectar, date syrup, coconut palm sugar, or any of the other wonderful natural sweeteners we sell at Naturally Good Food.

Or sugar, if you prefer it sweet.

How about a touch of this?

Or, if it’s a savoury porridge, why not try a sprinkling of Cornish seaweed salt, Himalayan rose pink rock salt or any of these other salts here? Don’t forget our organic herbs and spices for a real depth of flavour.

To top it off…

Dried fruit, nuts and seeds make amazing toppings. And how about some nut butter, or dark chocolate, slowly melting away into the oats?

Whether you’re entering the Rude Health porridge championships – or simply making yourself something great for breakfast, check out our own championship range!



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