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There’s a world of gluten-free cooking out there, but if you’re just venturing into it, it can seem rather overwhelming. While many people eat gluten-free as a dietary preference, others simply have no choice: if you’re coeliac, you have to avoid gluten. If you’re newly diagnosed as coeliac, you may be less concerned with making some of the fancy dishes on the internet, and more interested in some basic swaps to let you continue eating the food you like. If you’re a parent catering for a child who’s just been diagnosed as coeliac, we think this more basic approach may be especially useful!

Naturally Good Food is a good place to start your gluten-free journey.

Looking for basic meal swaps for coeliacs?

Basic meal swaps for coeliacs

Naturally Good Food is a leading online provider of gluten-free food in the UK and in Europe. We supply UK pharmacies with the gluten-free products you can receive on prescription. We’re the British stockist of the Orgran range of gluten-free products: with over 50 products currently in this range, there’s a gluten-free equivalent for literally everything we can think of.

We’re therefore a good place to start your gluten-free journey. As well as Orgran, we stock gluten-free ranges from many other specialist brands, looking for products that rate highly for nutrition as well as for taste (many are also organic). You can see our full gluten-free range here. Meanwhile, here are some simple gluten-free ‘swap’ ideas.


Just one of our basic meal swaps.

There’s no need to stop eating pasta….

You don’t have to stop eating pasta. You just have to stop eating pasta made with gluten-containing flour. We sell a huge range of gluten-free pasta: spaghetti, macaroni, fusilli, penne, lasagne, you name it! Click here to see it all.


We also sell gluten-free noodles: click here and mark the box on the left-hand side to find the ‘gluten-free’ options.


Make your own gluten-free bases with this mix.

…or pizza!

You don’t have to stop eating pizza either! We sell gluten-free pizza mix, for making your own bases.


We sell a couple of gluten-free loaves, as well as gluten-free bread mixes and lots of gluten-free bread flours.


What would life be without cake?! Make your own gluten-free cakes, brownies, pancakes and muffins using these quick and easy mixes.


One of our most delicious gluten-free products!

Not just for coeliacs: caramel shortbread!

We have over 20 gluten-free biscuits in our range, all of them extremely popular with the staff – especially the gluten-free caramel shortbread!

Soy sauce

Standard soy sauce contains gluten. But the tamari variety doesn’t and tastes identical. See our tamari here.


Gravies and sauces often contain gluten, so take care.

Gluten-free gravy: roast dinner is back on the menu!

We sell gluten-free gravy powders and mixes here (use the left-hand check box to narrow the search to gluten-free options) – you can also use our gluten-free flour to make your own.

Breakfast cereals

We stock so many gluten-free breakfast cereals that it’s hard to know where to start! Click here to see them all.


Oats are naturally gluten-free, but are frequently contaminated with gluten during harvesting, transportation and processing. Fortunately, we can supply you with guaranteed gluten-free oats.

Other ideas

Fish, meat, fresh vegetables and fruit are obviously gluten-free. So is rice, opening up a wealth of dishes. And have you ever tried quinoa? This naturally gluten-free grain cooks in the same way as rice, but is deliciously crunchy, making it a good alternative to couscous, for instance.

Whatever stage of the gluten-free journey you’re on, we’re on it with you!




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