Food for hibernation this Autumn

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The nights are drawing in. Let them, I say. Embrace your inner tortoise – this is food for hibernation.

Cosy food for hibernation from Naturally Good Food.

Embrace your inner tortoise this Autumn!

Time for hibernation? Try these top ten Autumn products 

  • Rochester dark ginger: made with the finest Jamaican ginger and pure cane sugar, this is a fiery, satisfying drink, either on its own, or as a mixer. As comforting and warming as a log-burner in a Lake District cottage.
  • Jumbo oats: mix with honey, sugar and butter for a thick flapjack. Before baking, throw in some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, along with chopped Brazil nuts, dates and apricots, for the world’s most satisfying snack.
  • Make the most wonderful rib-sticking Autumnal pudding with this ingredient.

    Mince pie filling – in Autumn?

  • Mincemeat: take a jar of this mince pie filling and mix with chopped apple. Bake in an Eve’s pudding and devour until your ribs literally stick together. (We’re putting the recipe for this up on our blog page this week too.)
  • Dr Stuarts Vespers tea: with just the faintest hint of chanting monks, this is a tea to send you off for a good Autumnal sleep.
  • Dark-chocolate covered Brazils: there’s more energy in these nuts than in your whole household put together at this time of year. Munch them on the sofa. Don’t attempt to move.
  • Clearspring QuickCook grains: partially cooked grains, for a filling and healthy meal. Stoke your inner fire with nutritious wholefoods!
  • Geo Organics Bombay Potatoes: a spicy, fulfilling meal in a tin.
  • Bombay potatoes - ready in minutes

    Food to stoke your inner fires

  • Parsnip soup: silky smooth and comforting, this is the perfect Autumnal soup. Add some spices for an extra kick, if desired.
  • Chocolate foam bath: slide into a steaming hot-chocolately bath with this natural, environmentally friendly bubble bath.
  • We stock cocoa powder and hot chocolate from a range of brands.

    It’s Divine. It’s cocoa. It’s Autumn.

  • Cocoa: then slide back out again, back to the sofa, and enjoy some rich, organic, hot chocolate on the inside too!

Caution: not for actual tortoises.



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