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Naturally Good Food has a dedicated Sports nutrition range, with an emphasis on natural products. We’ve helpfully divided the range up into sections, including Sports supplements, Sports superfoods, Sports snack bars, Sports protein and Sports drinks. In addition, we’ve grouped some of our ‘standard’ products that particularly appeal to sports people under this main heading: Nut butters, Oily fish and Pasta and noodles.

Hemp, soya, whey and pea protein: great for sports people and vegans.

We stock Pulsin sports protein powders.

Let’s look at Pulsin

In our Superfoods and Sports protein areas, we stock five products from Pulsin. Pulsin is an expert in energy foods. Its intention is to ‘give people superpower through health-boosting energy foods’, which is certainly aiming high! Pulsin make food that’s full of ‘natural goodness’ and organic ingredients, without ‘nasties’ (anything artificial, including genetically modified ingredients). Their products are designed to be high in protein and low GI, with as little natural sugar as possible, to provide a steady release of energy. They’re big on sustainability and ethical trading too.

Our Pulsin products

Smoothies, juices, porridge, yoghurt: sprinkle your powder in all of them!

What could you put your sports powder in?

We stock the following products from Pulsin, in small and large pack sizes:

What do all of these do?

Just one of our Pulsin sports powders.

Soya protein isolate is considered a complete protein.

In essence, they’re designed to give you a boost of protein. They’re great for anyone who might struggle to get enough protein into their diet, either because they’re in heavy-duty sports training or perhaps because they’re following a vegan or vegetarian diet. You’re not supposed to snack on them straight from the packet – buy you can sprinkle them over and into dishes like smoothies, juices, porridge and yoghurt. They’re unflavoured, so you can incorporate them into whatever suits you.

The hemp protein powder contains all 8 essential amino acids. The pea protein isolate is made from yellow split peas, while the rice protein powder is derived from wholegrain brown rice, which has been sprouted, then dehydrated and ground to a powder. The soya protein powder provides a hefty dose of protein, and the whey powder comes from grass-fed, hormone-free, outdoor-reared, British cows and is free from any carbohydrate fillers.

Click here to see our full Sports nutrition range.



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