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We are pleased as punch to be recommended as a supplier in River Cottage’s new book, River Cottage gluten free. The book is written by Naomi Devlin, the company’s resident gluten-free expert and chef. There, in the section about ‘sourcing gluten free ingredients’, we’re delighted to find that we top the bill of specialist suppliers. Here’s what they say  – and what we have to say about that!

‘Naturally Good Food (naturallygoodfood.co.uk)

An online supplier offering discounts for bulk purchase, stocking Infinity, Doves Farm, Sukrin and Tobia Teff brands, amongst others. Also a great place to buy ground almonds in bulk direct from the mill; these are not certified, but in my experience, this is a safe way to buy uncontaminated ground almonds. Also sells linseed and psyllium husk.’

Our gluten-free service: recommended by River Cottage

It’s great that River Cottage particularly highlight  bulk purchase options – in the paragraph above, they explain why.

‘If you have friends who are avoiding gluten, consider getting together to buy ingredients in bulk and enjoy savings that way.’

We now provide perhaps the bulk (sorry!) of our orders in bulk to our customers. It makes sense from all kinds of angles: the cost is much lower, as the product requires much less handling; it makes cooking easier, as it provides a steady and ready supply of the ingredients needed; and it makes environmental sense, by cutting down on repackaging and to some degree, transport costs.

We have a dedicated gluten-free bulk buying section.

Buying in bulk makes sense all round.

We have a dedicated Bulk buying section here, which includes a sub-section for our gluten-free bulk purchase options. In essence, it’s really easy. If we have a product you fancy, browse the product to see what’s the largest pack size we can offer you. For something that naturally comes in a small package, check whether we offer a discount for buying a ‘case’ of it (we almost always do). Should you need an even larger size of a product, simply get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Our brands

River Cottage note that we stock products from Infinity, Doves Farm, Sukrin and Tobia Teff – and yes, we do. We also stock many, many other brands. You can see all of our brands here.

Ground almonds direct from the mill

We supply gluten-free ground almonds, as recommended by River Cottage.

Ground, uncontaminated almonds.

We supply organic and non-organic ground almonds in bulk as well as in smaller pack sizes. Ground almonds are naturally gluten-free and play an important role in gluten-free cooking. As Naomi points out, ours are ‘uncontaminated’ with gluten. (Not ‘certified’ simply means that they are not labelled as being gluten-free, as they have not been officially tested by the producer. Nevertheless, they are naturally free from gluten.) Infinity Foods have recently brought out a 500g bag of organic ground almonds which carry the Crossed Grain symbol and have been certified as GF.

Linseed and psyllium husk

Linseed is also known as flax.

Linseed can bind ingredients in the same way as gluten.

As the book states, we sell huge quantities of linseed (great for mimicking gluten in its binding properties) and psyllium husk (a useful thickener) as well. Click here to have a full exploration of our entire gluten-free section!




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