Coffee: wake up and smell the truth?

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Coffee. You probably love it. Almost everyone does – in the UK, we drink around 70 million cups a day. But do you sneakily fear that it’s really no good for you? Is it time to ditch the bean and take your own bottle of water to coffee mornings? Or can you still safely indulge?

Coffee is rich in polyphenols: in moderation, it can do you good.

At Naturally Good Food we sell and make an awful lot of coffee!

Coffee – an essential?

Coffee is made from roasted coffee beans, the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant. It’s been drunk since at least the 10th Century, and made its way to Europe by the 1500s. With an appealing taste and aroma, it’s been an important part of our social lives for generations now.

This is partly because it ‘peps us up’, thanks to its caffeine content. Caffeine is often painted as the bad guy, but interestingly, it’s an entirely natural and really very useful component. An insecticide, caffeine is produced naturally by coffee beans, as well as by tea leaves and the nuts used to make cola. Once ingested by humans, it suppresses various signals in our brains, preventing us from feeling sleepy and giving us a little burst of energy.

Good or bad for you?

We also sell coffee alternatives, like Barleycup.

If you’re not keen on the strong stuff, you might like our decaffeinated range.

A little of this stuff might be just what we need at certain times, but too much coffee is undoubtedly bad for us: it overstimulates our systems, making it hard to recognize tiredness levels, and results in the over-production of adrenaline. However, coffee isn’t just caffeine. As the Trust Me, I’m a Doctor programme on BBC2 explains on the programme’s website:

‘Coffee is very rich in a group of compounds called polyphenols, which are another form of defence that plants have against insects. …Polyphenols actually decrease blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, and increase blood supply to the brain, possibly giving some protection against dementia.’

Naturally Good Food’s range

At Naturally Good Food we sell a very wide range of coffees (and make them on a daily basis, too)! We have standard caffeinated and decaffeinated, ground, instant and beans, Fairtrade, interesting substitutes (Barleycup, for instance, and chicory and dandelion drinks), and really good, strong, gourmet options.

Here are just five of them, to give you a little taste:

  • Grumpy Mule coffee: you really can’t beat the name – their drinks are designed to give you the same kick as a grumpy mule. Some days, it’s just what you need!
  • Just one of our great range of coffees.

    With the kick of a grumpy mule – wake yourself completely up!

  • Chicory Cup: made from roasted chicory root, with prebiotic inulin, this is naturally caffeine-free and a popular alternative drink.
  • Decaffeinated Coffee from Grumpy Mule: worth another mention, as this time the Mule has its legs tied! Grumpy Mule’s Sumatra Roast and Ground decaffeinated option is made by the Swiss water process, a non-solvent method of decaffeinating the beans.
  • Clipper Fairtrade: these varieties give a great deal to producers around the world and a great cup for you!
  • Café Direct Machu Pichu beans: Fairtrade and organic, these are gourmet beans – some of our most delicious.

See our full range of coffee here – and our teas here, and even a coffee and chocolate energy bar




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