It’s a clifhanger: Clif bars for energy

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If you’re the adventurous and hungry type, then you’ll be pleased to see that we’ve started stocking Clif bars. These are energy bars designed to ‘feed your adventure’. They’re attractively packaged (like many adventurers themselves), with an image of a man clinging by his fingertips to a rock edge. If your life resembles this, then take a look at our range!

For mountaineers and anyone equally energetic.

Energy levels falling off a cliff? Reach for one of these.

We stock Clif bars

We stock these bars in the following flavours:

As the names suggest, these are straightforwardly delicious products. They’re not hiding behind adjectives (‘crunchy’ aside, I suppose…) or vague designations such as ‘raw’, ‘natural’ or ‘superfood’. They say what they contain upfront and they’re quite simply designed to bring you maximum energy and taste as quickly and pleasantly as possible.

Why do we stock Clif bars?

Just one of our range of Clif bars.

White chocolate with macadamia Clif bar – pretty delicious.

Clif bars fit in nicely to our Sports snacks range – you can see all of it here. The company’s ethos is to use natural, wholesome ingredients, avoiding hydrogenated fats and high-fructose corn syrup. The company takes social and environmental concerns into account in their development processes. And, overall, they love good food and recognise the role it plays in powering athletes along tracks and mountaineers up cliff-edges.

Who’s behind Clif?

I’ve read the Clif bar story, which you can see here, and it’s still not really clear to me what role the dog and two trumpets played – but it is certain that this is a product made to meet a genuine need: that need to sustain yourself on a long trek, climb or ride, and to have something to look forward to when you reach the summit. Sometimes, a breadstick just doesn’t cut it.

To see our full Sports Nutrition range, which includes natural sports snacks, supplements and superfoods, as well as our other products particularly suitable for high-energy activities, click here.



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