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My husband’s absolute favourite part of a cookery book is the list of storecupboard essentials at the start. He may never cook a recipe from the book, and he may never buy any of the items listed, but he loves the idea of an ordered, well-stocked life, in which all the spice jars are turned the same way and the jam lids are not sticky.

The NGF storecupboard: what's in it?

Stock your cupboard with our essentials!

If you’re the same, you’ll love this list. If, on the other hand, you do actually cook and maintain an essential storecupboard, then…you’ll love it too! This is a list of what NGF can provide for your store cupboard – all those little items that might otherwise get forgotten.

Your NGF essential storecupboard

  • Spices: Here you can find plenty of organic spices. They’re aromatic, rich in flavour, and generally pretty potent. We stock all the spices we can think of, so simply choose what you need and search for it on our site. We don’t have jars, but if you’re feeling orderly, the Crazy Jack range comes in matching packets.
  • Our organic spices are potent and fragrant.

    Organic spices – in matching bags

  • Herbs: again, we stock organic herbs, with a real depth of flavour.
  • Salt: keep some good salt in your cupboard. Perhaps Maldon sea salt, or Cornish sea salt? Or some Himalayan rose pink salt, in a grinder?
  • Pepper: many people use ground black pepper, but for the best flavour, use our dried peppercorns and grind them yourself. Amazingly fruity, fresh and peppery.
  • Vanilla extract: for use in all kinds of baking, we stock the best-quality vanilla extract.
  • Tinned fish: if you’ve got tinned fish, you’ve got a meal. Here’s our range from Fish4Ever.
  • We stock the sustainably fished range from Fish4Ever.

    Tinned fish is a meal-to-go in a cupboard.

  • Tinned tomatoes: an absolute basic – we stock rich, fruity, organic varieties.
  • Tinned beans: and of course, dried beans. Nothing makes a storecupboard look better than jars of different beans. Add instant protein and taste to a meal with a tinned variety.
  • Tinned ready meal: not for every day, but for those days when you need something really speedy. See our tinned ready meals and soups here.
  • Rice: keep a packet or two of our rice handy – we have rice in all colours and varieties.
  • Pasta: likewise, you can’t go wrong with a packet of pasta in your cupboard.
  • Couscous: perhaps the quickest grain to cook with.
  • Oats: for porridge and baking, use our porridge or jumbo oats.
  • Plain flour: organic and speciality.
  • Self-raising flour: again, we stock various different brands.
  • Cane sugar: we have loads of different kinds of sugar, but if you can only choose one, our organic cane sugar will see you through almost every sugar necessity.
  • Brown sugar: light or dark brown, for a caramelly taste.
  • You'll also need granulated sugar and icing sugar.

    Keep a bag of brown sugar, light or dark, handy.

  • Icing sugar: our organic version is great – not too sweet.
  • Baking powder and bicarbonate of soda
  • Chocolate: for nibbling and for cooking. See all our chocolate here.
  • Cold-pressed oil: choose the oil or oils that suit you best from our extensive range.
  • Coconut milk: not only suitable for non-dairy uses, but a great base for a curry or soup.
  • Honey: thick or runny, our honeys are more than just sugar-water.
  • Jam: just remember to wipe the lids….
  • Mustard: we’ve got a great range of mustards here.
  • Mayonnaise: and a good selection of dairy and non-dairy mayonnaises.
  • Soy sauce: or tamari, if you’re gluten-free.
  • Vinegar: for dressings and flavour.
  • Stock: vegetable or meat-based – see them here.


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