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You can find a great selection of dates at Naturally Good Food. They’re one of our biggest sellers, so you can be sure of long dates! We can send them out in various pack sizes, from 250g bags, right up to bulk 10kg boxes.

We have Deglet Noor, Sukkari and Medjool - and now Aseel dates too.

Dates: like little fingers!

The word date comes from the Greek for finger, ‘daktulos’: dates hanging on the tree look like bunches of little fingers! For some people, they’re associated firmly with the Christmas period. For our customers, however, they’re used much more widely. As deliciously sweet as a toffee, but much better for you, our dates are favourites with adults and children alike, at all times of the year.

New Organic Select Aseel dates

Sweet and soft, with a caramel flavour.

Aseel dates are semi-dry and particularly suited to cooking.

We’ve just added to our range with these organic Aseel dates from Pakistan, for sale in 500g packs and boxes of 5kg and 10kg. These semi-dry dates are sweet and soft, with a delicious caramelly-toffee flavour. They’ve got no stones in, so are suitable both for eating and cooking. Indeed, with their thin skin and high invert sugar level, they’re particularly suited to cooking purposes. They’re easy to chop and can be quickly made into a puree, which is a great alternative sweetener.

Our other dates

These dates contain stones, which are easily removed

Sukkari dates are large, soft and buttery

All our dates are naturally rich in potassium, iron and vitamin B-6. The most popular variety is probably the Deglet Noor (meaning the Date of Light), which is a great sweet-tasting date. At the more expensive end, we have Sukkari dates, which are large, soft dates, with a buttery, not-so-sweet taste. Sukkari dates contain stones. They make a good alternative to our wonderful Medjool variety, which have a truly astonishing taste, but are occasionally hard to track down.

When out of stock, try Sukkari dates instead.

Medjool dates are our greatest treats!

Click here to see all the dates and date products we stock.

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