Dried coconut milk powder: we stock this

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You can now get dried coconut milk powder, from us by Coconut Merchant, who also supply the coconut jam and  some coconut oil. This non-dairy alternative is sweetened with glucose and also contains a type of soluble dietary fibre, which helps it to mix easily. It’s ethically sourced from Vietnam.

Versatile and really good for you, dried coconut milk powder is a great storecupboard ingredient.

Dried coconut milk powder – just what you need for Christmas travels?

Dried coconut milk is a really good option for when you’re travelling – perhaps over Christmas, where you might not be able to guarantee finding your usual non-dairy substitute? You can vary the amount of water used to make it more creamy, or lighter, as necessary. Like all powdered milk, it keeps well until you mix it. Once mixed, it should be refrigerated and used as you would dairy milk.

Dried coconut milk: what makes it special?

Coconut milk is one of our most popular non-dairy milks. It’s a bright white colour, with a slightly sweet and subtly coconutty taste. Just like dairy milk, it’s suitable for both cooking and drinking. We sell certain types of coconut milk especially designed for cooking, such as this tin from Biona. We’ve also got a good range of ‘drinking’ coconut milks, sweetened and unsweetened – and some with flavours – from a number of producers, which you can use like any other milk. Click here to see all our options.

We sell other coconut milks that are designed for drinking

This type of coconut milk is really good for cooking

Coconut milk is often called for in curries, where it gives a smooth mildness and gentle flavour. For this you need the canned variety which is richer than the ‘drinking’ milks. It works really well in sweet dishes as well – making a fantastic rice pudding – or of course, can be used on cereal or in hot or cold drinks just as you would dairy milk. It’s generally best to add it at the end of cooking (unless all the ingredients are mixed in from the start), as it separates if overheated. Dried coconut milk powder can be ‘made up’ with water to different strengths and used in cooking just as you would use liquid coconut milks.

Coconut milk is good for you! It’s high in fibre, rich in various vitamins, including vitamins C, E and the B group, and a good source of minerals such as iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Our other dried milks

And it’s not the only dried milk powder we sell. We also have:

Easy to transport and easy to use

We also stock dried almond, soya and sheep’s milk

You might find one of these suitable for taking on your Christmas travels too – or just for keeping in your store-cupboard for emergency use.




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