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If you’re looking for linseed, come to Naturally Good Food! We know all about linseed: why it’s good for you and how to eat it. We stock a huge range of linseed and linseed products, in a variety of sizes and brands. Can we help you find the linseed you need?

We have brown and golden linseed, whole and crushed

Can we help you find the linseed you want?

Why linseed?

Linseed is also known as flax, or flaxseed – we sell it under all these names. It’s either golden yellow or brown in colour and has a subtle nutty flavour (the brown variety tends to have a more pronounced flavour).

Linseed (of both colours) contains both soluble and insoluble fibre and is rich in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. It’s a great way to add nutrition, texture and taste to your diet. You can sprinkle it over muesli, yoghurt and smoothies, or add it to baked goods. Wet linseeds can even be stuck together in sheets and rolled out to make crackers.

We obtain some of our linseed from the UK. With its attractive blue flowers in spring, it grows well in the UK, tolerating our wet summers with ease.

Organic golden linseed

We sell our organic golden linseed in a range of pack sizes, from 250g, up to bulk sacks. It has a wonderful golden appearance and a deliciously nutty taste. Buy some and trail your fingers through it for a real treat – you can just imagine a fairytale heroine managing to spin it into gold!

Brown linseed

It's also generally cheaper than the golden variety

Brown linseed tends to have a more pronounced flavour

We have brown linseed in organic and non-organic varieties, and again, in a range of sizes. This has a slightly more pronounced flavour than the golden linseed, but is nutritionally identical. It tends to be cheaper than the golden variety.

Linseed for ‘free from’ diets

Linseed is a valuable thickener, as the seeds swell in liquid, releasing a mucilage. It’s often used in gluten-free baking, to absorb and retain moisture in baked goods. As a thickener, it also makes a good substitute for eggs in certain recipes.

Cracked, crushed and ground linseed

Great for baking, sprinkling and in smoothies

Cracked, crushed and ground linseed: easily absorbed

We’ve been selling ground linseed for a number of months now. It appeals to customers who want the benefits of linseed, but need to use it as a powder, perhaps in baking or smoothies. Some customers are concerned that linseed in seed form might just ‘pass straight through’ – the powder makes it more easily absorbable.

A new product for us is this cracked linseed from Biona. It’s been crushed to break the strong outer husk, making it easier to digest, but still retaining some crunch.

Flax is a traditional UK crop, tolerating our wet summers well

A pretty box, with the distinctive blue flax flowers, full of cracked golden linseed

Linseed (flaxseed) oil

This oil contains the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids of all vegetable oils. It’s recommended by nutritionists to protect against high blood pressure, inflammation, water retention and lowered immune function. It can also help to shorten the recovery time for muscles after exercise and can boost stamina.

Linseed products

With its great health benefits and lovely taste, linseed finds its way quite naturally into a number of our products. How about some linseed butter or linseed bread? Click here to explore all our linseed options.



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