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At Naturally Good Food we sell virgin and extra-virgin olive oils and have a wide selection of both. All our olive oil is unrefined and cold-pressed (with some labelled as ‘raw). It’s available in both organic and non-organic varieties, from various countries of origin. This month, we have some new olive oils to showcase!

We stock a wide range of olive oils, in various sizes

Our extra-virgin and virgin olive oils are full of flavour and nutrition

Infused olive oil

These organic, extra-virgin, Italian olive oils from Sunita, infused with chilli pepper, fresh basil or fresh lemon, would make a great Christmas present, in their pretty bottles, but are well worth buying simply to keep on your own shelves. Here’s a quick description of each, with ideas on how to use them:

This chilli variety is one of our three infused olive oils from Sunita

Pretty pungent: in a pretty bottle too!

  • Chilli variety: known locally as ‘pepperoncino’, and produced in the Umbrian region, this is a deliciously snappy, peppered organic oil. It’s great drizzled over grilled fish and chicken, or in salad dressings, soups and sauces.
  • Basil variety: a fine aromatic oil, infused with fresh basil. This is the one you need for pasta and pizzas; it’s also good on roasts (meat or vegetables) and salads.
  • Lemon variety: infused with organic Italian lemons, this is ideal for fish dishes and for roast chicken, as well as crisp salads. But, as Sunita suggest, it’s also suitable for dessert sauces and cakes, to add a little zest.

Bulk olive oil

We’re also now stocking another large container of olive oil, from Sunita. This 5-litre (1 gallon) bottle is a blend of cold-pressed, extra-virgin, Mediterranean olive oils. It’s the ideal ‘go to’ olive oil, with a delicate aromatic flavour and light taste. You can almost see the nutritional benefits in the thick, green liquid through the sides of the container.

We also stock bulk olive oil in cans and large bottles

Thick and green olive oil – an ideal bulk size

If that’s not quite right for you, we also have Sunita’s 5-litre can of Greek extra-virgin olive oil, which again, is a good, high-quality, all-purpose olive oil. And, of course, we have a 3-litre decorative tin of olive oil and our usual smaller bottles.

Ideal for caterers and large families

Add a bit of industrial chic to your kitchen with this bulk can

Why choose virgin and extra-virgin olive oil?

Research clearly shows that the benefits associated with olive oil are only present in significant quantities in extra-virgin and virgin olive oils.

Olive oils are graded based on how they’re extracted, and their acidity. Extra-virgin oil comes from the first pressing of a batch of olives (ordinary oil will use oil from subsequent pressings). The oil is extracted by cold-pressing, which ensures that the antioxidants, monounsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals remain intact. In addition, the first pressing has the strongest olive flavour and the lowest acidity.

Virgin olive oil uses slightly riper olives – again, cold- and first-pressed – but with a somewhat weaker flavour and a little higher acidity.

Extra-virgin oils tend to have a fairly pronounced taste – the particularly pungent ones we try to identify in the product description! If you’re making a recipe that needs a distinctive flavour, or if you’re using the oil for dips or drizzling, this will be just what you want. If, however, you want a milder tasting olive oil, you might like to try our Emile Noel mild virgin oil.



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