Changes to gluten-free prescriptions: ready?

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Prescriptions of gluten-free products on the NHS are changing, as you may already know. The precise changes will vary, depending on your NHS area, but in general, you’re likely to find that fewer products are available on prescription.

What's still available on NHS prescriptions?

NHS prescriptions for gluten-free foods are changing

This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. As the East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group point out:

‘It’s easier than ever to eat a healthy and balanced diet without relying completely on gluten-free substitutes for wheat-based products such as biscuits and pasta’.

A healthy, balanced diet is the aim

We’d agree that there’s no reason why a diet without gluten shouldn’t be healthy and balanced. There are lots of foods that naturally contain no gluten, and as our diets generally expand and become more adventurous, many of these can easily form part of our daily meals. Brown rice, perhaps, instead of pasta? Or quinoa rather than couscous?

It's also delicious and easy to cook

Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and makes a really good alternative

The Commissioning Group continue:

‘There is a large range of gluten-free products available from supermarkets and online. Over the past few years these products have reduced in price’.

Again, there’s a lot of truth in this. Supermarkets haven’t been slow to notice the customer potential in ‘free from’ options. However, their ranges still tend to be rather small. We’d encourage anyone looking for gluten-free products to check out our own huge, comprehensive range here. We’re not restricted by the size of our ‘gluten-free shelves’: we can list, and supply, literally hundreds of gluten-free products and ingredients.

NHS prescriptions: what’s still available?

You’re likely to find that gluten-free bread and flour continue to be available on prescription. We do supply many UK pharmacies with these products for prescriptions – if the amount now available to you is lower than in the past, or if you just want to buy extra for your own needs, then take a look at these categories below. It’s the same stuff you get from the pharmacy (and we won’t ask you to verify your address in front of everyone!)

We have ready-made loaves and mixes to make your own.

Do you need more gluten-free bread?

What’s not available on prescription?

Again, this is likely to vary from one area to another, but you may well find that items such as pasta, pizza bases, crispbread, cereals, cakes and biscuits are no longer provided by the NHS. No doubt you’ll still be keen to buy these, so simply click on the links in the preceding sentence to find our great range of all of those.

For more advice, the NHS is referring patients to the Coeliac UK website, which give lots of really good information about coeliac disease, as well as tips on eating out, eating on a budget, understanding labels and cooking great ‘free from’ food.

No need to despair!

We also stock a good range of gluten-free biscuits.

Gluten-free cakes: still available from us!

With Naturally Good Food on the case, there’s no need to despair. We’re experts in providing gluten-free food – we’ve been doing it for years. We want everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, to enjoy a healthy and wholesome diet, and we have the ingredients to make this happen. Click here to see our full gluten-free range.



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