Christmas Clementine and Cranberry Drink recipe

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This drink is both Christmassy and refreshing – and it looks great, too. This is the non-alcoholic version: for a little extra oomph, there’s nothing to stop you using prosecco….

This is based on an original recipe from the incomparable Booth’s Christmas book. It makes six glasses.

(If you’re in a tearing hurry, you might want to take a look at our various ready-made Christmassy punches here. Rocks Fruit Punch makes a particularly good festive cooling drink.)Rochester Ginger Drink


75g fresh cranberries

50g caster sugar

8 clementines

Soda to mix


Simmer the cranberries with the sugar and a few tablespoons of water. Cool and strain.

Juice six of the clementines. Remove the skin and pith from the other two and chop or slice them decoratively.

Mix the cranberry and clementine juices together and add the chopped clementines. Top up with soda or another mixer of your choice.

Serve with ice, extra cranberries and Kings College carols.



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