Three fresh salads for the New Year

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If you’re detoxing, or just trying to brighten up your diet in these dark and dreary days, then these salad ideas are perfect. They’re adapted from the salad recipes in the Booth’s Great Northern Christmas book for 2015 (Booths is a high-end supermarket chain in northern England and their Christmas books are both free and works of beauty). The original Christmas recipes involved a little more roasting and general preparation – what’s needed in January is fresh, crunchy simplicity!

Three great salads for winter days

Fresh, crunchy simplicity for January

Apple, carrot, kale and walnut salad

Take 2 apples and 2 carrots, peel and cut them into matchsticks. Add 350g kale. Sprinkle in a handful of pumpkin seeds and walnuts, then dress with cider vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil. Great with cold meat.

Puy lentil and beetroot salad

This works best of all with freshly roasted beetroot, rather than the tinned variety. Roast it in a foil parcel with some chopped red onion, garlic and thyme – they can all go in the salad too. Toss the contents of the parcel with a tin of Puy lentils, 100g watercress and 100g spinach, then dress with lemon juice, mustard and extra-virgin olive oil. Some crumbly cheese would be a good addition, too.

Orange, chicory and radish salad

The brightest and freshest of them all! This mixes 3 oranges, served in sliced rounds, with 4 heads of red chicory, separated into leaves, a bunch of radishes, sliced thinly and 100g rocket leaves. Dress with extra-virgin olive oil and a splash of vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Great with oily fish.

For more recipes, see the Booths website here.



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