Trolley dash for January 2017

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It’s the New Year and we’re raring to go. We’re packing orders for all our usual customers, and have been delighted to welcome some new business too! January is, of course, the month in which many of us embark on a new path. If you’re looking for a fresh beginning this month, you’ve come to the right place. And what’s more, we can help you stick to that path long after January is over.

We have a great range of special offers for this month.

New beginnings in January? Check out our special offers to get you started.

We’re a leading online supplier of organic, wholefood and free-from products, delivering Europe-wide. You can browse our full selection from our homepage – but if you want a few ideas to get you started, we’d point you in the direction of our January special offers. These are all full-dated products, with 10-25% reductions in price.

We've got the goods and we've got the trolley - fill it up!

Take a dash down our aisles (virtually)!

There’s something for everyone in our Special offers this month. This section represents a great selection of our products – a bit of an eclectic mix from across all the categories. Think of it as a kind of virtual trolley dash, whizzing you from one section to the next!

January special offers: a quick look

Clearspring Grains and Pulses Quick Cook : we have a number of these packets on special offer, such as this one, made with partially prepared barley, rice, wheat, kamut and oats. It’s a great base for a really quick and healthy meal and also makes a good basis for a soup.

Raw paleo bars: snacks can be one of the hardest things to get right when you’re starting a new healthy regime. These paleo bars from the Primal Pantry are made with just a few basic ingredients, all mashed up together to provide energy for your trolley dash, a nice full tummy, and nutrition. This one, for example, contains just dates, almonds, cashews and almond oil.

We have a range of these bars on special offer this month.

With only natural ingredients, these paleo bars are great healthy snacks.

Almonds: we love our almonds at Naturally Good Food! This January we’ve got numerous almond products on special offer, including almond butter in bulk (a great alternative to peanut butter) and a number of almond ‘milks’ – take your pick!

Percol compostable coffee pods: if you simply can’t do without coffee, but want to make sure that you’re consuming it in as green a way as possible, take a look at these coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. This is simply amazing coffee, made with organic and Rainforest Alliance-certificated beans, with the pods of course, then fully compostable.

These are ethical and compostable coffee pods.

New Year’s resolution to drink better coffee?

Cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts: we have cashew butters, cashew milk and whole cashews – and a hazelnut drinks too. For peanuts, we’re specialising this month in huge tubs of all kinds of peanut butter.

Search our offers for coconut, and you’ll find coconut drinks, flour, jam and oil.

What else could you throw in your trolley?

Our special offers can be found in every aisle, just waiting to be thrown into your trolley. Pulses, sugar, pasta, chocolate, soup, naturally sweeteners, beans, Himalayan pink rock salt, furniture polish and household cleaners – view absolutely all our offers here.

And welcome to Naturally Good Food 2017!




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