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If you regularly want a vegan sandwich filling, dip, or side dish, it can be hard to ring the changes. At Naturally Good Food we’ve stocked herb and mushroom pates from Suma for a while now – and they remain popular. We also have various nut butters and a couple of other vegetarian pates (artichoke and olive). But we wouldn’t exactly say that it’s a crowded market – which is why we’re so pleased to have a brand-new selection of vegan pates on our shelves, from Granovita.

Granovita, like Suma, have two squeezy (‘ready spready’) tubes of pate (mushroom and herb), but also six intriguing varieties in resealable tins:

We've added to our range of vegan pates.

New Granovita pates: in tubes and resealable tins

It’s the tins that have really caught our eye. It’s great to see the kind of interesting mixtures of ingredients that characterise vegan cooking being transferred into ready-made food.

What do they taste like?

We tested the tins out in the workplace and enjoyed them all. Here’s a quick rundown of some visual and tasting notes:

Just one of the six new varieties from Granovita

Buckwheat & chia, great texture & taste

  • Buckwheat and chia: mushroom-brown, with a bit of a kick from the pepper and ginger, and texture from the chia seeds.
  • Chickpea and sesame: tofu-based (though chickpeas are the main ingredient), this is smooth and golden-yellow, moist and spiced.
  • Grilled aubergine: very smooth, quite salty and a little peppery.
  • Red pepper and almond: a really quite vivid red, with a graininess from the almonds and a subtle, savoury, but ever-so-slightly sweet taste.
  • Ever so slightly sweet, this is a really distinctive sandwich filler

    Red pepper and almond – for a vibrant colour and an unusual taste

  • Tomato and rocket: tangy and smooth, red, flecked with green.
  • Walnut and basil: with bits of walnut in for texture, a really interesting flavour – nutty and aromatic.

What can you do with these vegan pates?

These pates aren’t just for sandwiches! You might spread them on toast or crackers, use them as dips, add them to pasta, stuff them into mushrooms, tomatoes or peppers, or use them to add flavour to all manner of dishes.

Click here to see all our various pates.




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