Eat fossils to fuel your day – in a green way

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We try not to burn too many fossils at Naturally Good Food. We’ve got an eco-building, with ground-source heating and solar panels. We enthusiastically investigate ways of recycling the things that come into our building and the packaging that leaves it. We like to think of ourselves as ‘deep green’.

We're a deep-green company.

We try not to use too many fossil fuels – except to eat, of course!

But our fancy was tickled recently by one of our new products – called Fossil Fuel and described as ‘primal fuel for the modern-day hunter gatherer’. Many of us, of course, are hunting and gathering little more than emails and facebook ‘likes’ nowadays, but our bodies remain pretty much the same as those of our ancient ancestors. Brands like Fossil Fuel believe in bringing basic, unchanged nutrition to our lives today. They make energy-rich, nutritious snack bars, of which we stock three kinds (and a mixed box):

Coconut and cashew: with dates, cashew nuts, dried coconut and coconut oil

We sell three different types of Fossil Fuel bars: full of natural ingredients, with no real fossils

Coffee Cacao Fossil Fuel bar – what hunter-gatherers had at their coffee mornings

Coffee and cacao: with dates, almonds, raw cacao, coconut oil and coffee

Macadamia and cacao: with dates, cashew nuts, raw cacao, macadamia nuts and coconut oil

Fossil fuel bars

Fossil fuel bars are raw, ‘fully paleo’ and cold-pressed. As the list above indicates, they contain no more than five ingredients – all wholefood and all of the best quality. There are, of course, no additives, preservatives, added sugar or junk of any kind. There’s also no grains, no vegetable oil, no gluten, no dairy and no soya. And, in truth, no fossils.

Fossil Fuel say that their ingredients are chosen ‘with obsessive care’. They source virgin coconut oil, for example, as well as the finest organic, Ecuadorian cacao, sulphite-free coconuts and dates. And the bars are good for everyone – not just cavemen. As the company explains on their website, in their own words:

  • ‘Naturally-occurring sugars (from sticky, juicy dates) replace glycogen stores depleted by exercise.
  • Healthy fats and protein reduce glycemic load, keeping insulin response low.
  • The healthy fats and protein content are extremely satiating, keeping you fuller and fueled for longer.
  • Our bars are rich in dietary fibre—it’s good to keep moving!
  • Several ingredients are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, as well as having reported anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ingredients we use are variously claimed to support a healthy immune system, encourage healthy gut bacteria, help keep skin young-looking and even cut the risk of heart attack.
  • The dates we use are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, potassium, magnesium and B6.’
  • Ticks all the boxes for the Paleo Police.

    Can’t decide? Try a mixed box.

We agree with Fossil Fuel. These bars are good for you and taste delicious – and they’re filling and easy to carry. Rather like fossils, they have a huge amount of powerful energy locked up within them. They tick loads of our boxes and importantly, meet all the requirements of the ‘Paleo police’ too! If you feel that you’ve become a little fossilised yourself over Christmas and the New Year, perhaps this is the snack you need to fuel a new lease of life.

Love fossils? Try some to fuel your diet.




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