We’ve got croissants – bon appetit

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Fancy a power breakfast? Or just a breakfast in your pyjamas? We cater for everyone at Naturally Good Food, and that includes our breakfast options. Croissants are as effortlessly cool as the girlfriend of a French president, as much at home at a high-powered working breakfast as at a long, lazy, weekend petit dejeuner. Here’s what we have at Naturally Good Food – and what you might enjoy with them.

A great storecupboard weekend breakfast option

Mais oui, we have croissants once more


After a long gap from our shelves, we see the return of organic butter croissants. You can’t beat a freshly baked croissant from a small Parisian boulangerie staffed by a needlessly abrupt French woman, of course, but for those weekends when you just can’t make it to Paris in person, there are these instead. Organic croissants, stored in your cupboard, with a reassuringly long shelf life, are the perfect dunk-in-coffee-or-hot-chocolate breakfast on a snowy January.


Cherry or apricot - or something else altogether?

Jam on your croissant?

Jam and croissants are une combinaison parfaite, though many households are divided over the question of cherry or apricot. Fortunately, we have them both, as well as strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, bramble, plum, raspberry, strawberry and summer fruits. See all our jams here.

Brexiteers might prefer marmalade, though others will argue that that in itself has a distinctly French origin. We take no sides – we simply note that it’s very tasty. We stock two varieties of marmalade here.

Fancy something completely different? Perhaps try out our coconut jams, with their rich, subtly coconutty taste.


If you'd prefer honey on your croissants, take a look at our selection

Organic Forest Honey is just part of our great range of honeys

We’re very proud of our range of honeys at Naturally Good Food. We have thick, unctuous honey, and golden amber liquid honey too. We have organic honey, raw honey, tropical honey, wild honey and Fairtrade honey. We have honey in bulk, if you’ve got room to store it.

Nut butters

Not everyone wants something terribly sweet at breakfast time. If you’re in this camp, then a nut butter might be just what you’re after. We have an unparalleled range of nut butters: smooth, crunchy, raw, organic, pure, salted, roasted, and so on. Click here to see them all.

We also stock a wide range of very savoury nut butters.

Coconut and almond butter with a hint of honey: how about this on your croissant?

If you’re still eating croissants, then veer towards the slightly sweeter end of nut butters – perhaps this coconut and almond butter, with a touch of honey.

Chocolate spread

French children are impeccably well behaved because they eat lots of chocolate spread. Achieve the same result for your children by buying one of our many chocolate or carob butters. We have mixed chocolate and nut butters, and pure chocolate spreads. Some are entirely dairy-free and some guaranteed nut-free. All are deliciously luxurious.

Coffee and hot chocolate

Whether for dunking, or just for drinking, strong coffee and thick hot chocolate are ideal accompaniments for croissants. We have a wonderful selection of coffees here, including organic and Fairtrade coffee, and amazing hot chocolate here.

Bon appetit!



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