Sweets for my sweet (not just for Valentine’s Day)

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If you’re going to eat sweets, make them good ones. At Naturally Good Food, we stock a great selection of very special sweets. We look out for those that have particular resonance with our customers. They might:

We have sweets for vegans

Sweets for everyone: these are gelatin-free

  • be organic
  • be vegan
  • be gluten-free
  • be made in a particularly natural way
  • be more than usually healthy
  • have an ethical background.

And they will always be extremely tasty!

Here’s a quick look at some of the wonderful sweets we can offer.

Biona sweets

Biona take well-loved types of sweets and then remake them organically and without gelatin (and in many cases, without gluten). This means that they are entirely suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Biona avoid artificial colours and flavours and use Fairtrade ingredients where they can.

From Biona we have:

Just Wholefoods

Along similar lines, Just Wholefoods supply us with organic, gluten-free and gelatin-free ‘frooty fruits’ and jelly ‘Vegebears’, which have a popular vegetarian following, particularly with children.

Chewing gum

We stock this in four different flavours

Organic, biodegradable and ethical chewing gum

We stock organic chewing gum from Chicza. This contains no artificial sweeteners at all and is wholly biodegradable (so no unsightly bus-shelter residue…). It’s produced by an independent rainforest community. We stock cinnamon, peppermint, lime and spearmint Chicza gum – and also gum from Peppersmith.


From Peppersmith, these lovely mints are sugar-free, using natural xylitol for sweetening. Peppersmith’s aim is to make mints and gum that have a positive, rather than a negative, effect on our teeth.


Chocolate is really a whole other area of our website, and a very large one at that. We stock a huge range of chocolate – organic, raw, naturally produced, dairy-free, luxury and for cooking. Click here to see it all.

To see our full range of sweets, click here.




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