We’ve got you a date for Valentine’s Day!

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Always eager to oblige our customers, we are proud to announce that we can now supply all of you with a guaranteed date for Valentine’s Day. Indeed, we can supply you with a whole pack, sack or box of dates, should you wish it!

We can offer all our customers a date - at a special price, too!

Looking for the perfect date?

Until the end of this week (February 12th), we have 10% off selected organic dates – allowing you to get yourself sorted in good time for Valentine’s Day.

Why accept one of our dates?

All our dates are naturally rich, which is a much sought-after quality nowadays. Naturally rich in potassium, iron and vitamin B-6, that is.

Our dates are also all extremely tasty – just like a fruity toffee, but much, much better for you.

Dates make a fantastic snack on their own, or can be added to baking and other dishes. We’ve got a good range of ‘date night’ recipes here, including, of course, the amazing Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Internet dating: make your choice

We like to offer you a choice – so we’ve gathered all our available dates together here. We’ll tell you a little about them and you can swipe left, right or down to the Add to Basket as you wish.

Mr Organic: the Deglet Noor date

Deglet Noor is our most popular date. Organic, sweet-tasting and neither too moist nor dry, the name means ‘Date of Light’. This is a real go-to date for all occasions.

Mr Crazy: Crazy Jack soft dates

Suitable for those with or without their own teeth

Crazy Jack soft dates – dates with a GSOH

If you’re looking for something a little crazier, or simply something with a smaller package, then these snack packs of Crazy Jack dates might be just the thing. (And there’s nothing really crazy about Crazy Jack – the commitment to organic, fairly traded produce is pretty mainstream among our customers.)

Mr Luxury: Medjool dates

Perhaps a little buttery? Just perfect!

Medjool dates: rich and luxurious

Hard to track down, right at the top end of the date scale, and with an astonishing sweetness and richness, we have our Medjool dates. Some say they’re a little buttery, too. Some like that.

Mr Semi-Dry: Aseel dates

Semi-dry dates, slightly sweeter than Deglet Noor dates

Aseel dates are good to cook with

A newcomer to Naturally Good Food, Aseel dates are thinner-skinned and sweeter than the Deglet Noor variety. This makes them a really useful date for cooking with.

Make it a date night

We trust you can find your perfect date from the range above! We can also offer non-organic dates, and can supply all our dates in a range of sizes, to suit all tastes and needs. Click here to see absolutely all the dates we offer.

(And, if you haven’t had quite enough of puns about dates, click here to view a few more of our blogs on dates:

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