The very best organic apricots in the world

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There are organic apricots – and then there are our organic apricots. These are dark, rich and intensely flavoured. They’re a little chewier than the soft, floppy, bright-orange apricots you find in the shops, but they’re all the more satisfying for that. (And if you really need a very soft apricot, simply soak our organic apricots to make them more plump and juicy, or buy a pack of Crazy Jack Ready to Eat organic apricots, which have been partially rehydrated.)


Organic apricots

Organic apricots are grown without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides, by farmers in Turkey who maintain a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of farming. The fruit is then dried naturally, without the aid of sulphur dioxide as a preservative (the sulphur dioxide, as well as extending shelf-life, gives non-organic apricots their bright orange colour).

Taste the difference

There’s nothing insipid about our apricots – their taste is as rich as their colour! As delicious as a sweet, and certainly better for you, they’re filled with captured Mediterranean sun. (Indeed, they were called ‘Eggs of the sun’ by the ancient Greeks and Romans.)

These soft apricots have been partially rehydrated

If you need a soft organic apricot, try one of these from Crazy Jack

Apricots are really good for you

Dried organic apricots are rich in potassium, containing about three times as much as bananas. Potassium improves the metabolism and is essential for the healthy functioning of tissues, organs and other cells. It helps to regulate levels of acid in the body and is useful for protein synthesis. It’s also one of the minerals most associated with lowering blood pressure. Both for normal body growth, and for muscle-building, potassium is essential.

Interestingly for men, it’s also thought that eating foods rich in beta-carotene, such as apricots, is one of the best forms of defence against sperm damage. Apricots are also a great source of vitamin A and iron, as well as a useful supplier of fibre in the diet.

All our apricots

We have a wide range of apricots and products made with apricots – click here to see them all.




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