Organic dried fruit from Turkey: rich from the sun

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Every day at Naturally Good Food we handle lots of bags and boxes of organic dried fruit. Turkey, the leading producer and exporter of dried fruit worldwide, is one of our main sources of organic dried apricots, figs, raisins and sultanas. We source bulk boxes of these fruits from our suppliers and pass them onto business customers – or pack them down into smaller quantities for domestic use.

Organic figs from Turkey are intensely sweet and highly scented

Bulk boxes of Turkish figs – ready to be packed down

Turkey’s climate is particularly well-suited to fruit-growing, with plenty of hot sunshine, just enough rain, and well-established orchards in places that might not otherwise support productive crops. The country has a very varied landscape, with different areas specialising in particular fruits. But it’s the province of Izmir, by the Aegean, that’s become the main processing and exporting region for these fruits.

Organic fruit from Turkey

In hot orchards surrounded by green hills, fruit is grown organically, and ripened and dried naturally, without the use of preservatives. The difference between this organic dried fruit and the kind you might be used to in the supermarket is incredible. Each individual sultana, apricot and fig is bursting with sweet flavour. If you could bottle the sun, it would surely taste pretty much like this.

These organic raisins and sultanas taste completely different to supermarket varieties

Juicy, golden and mellow: Turkey’s raisins and sultanas

If you could bottle the sun's rays, they would surely taste like these organic apricots

Organic apricots capture the essence of the Turkish sun

  • Our Turkish raisins and sultanas have a golden-brown colour and a fruity, mellow flavour. They complement each other (and Greek currants) well, in our bags of mixed fruit, but are also great on their own, as a simple snack or in recipes.
  • Our Turkish apricots are very unusual. Dark, and slightly chewy, because they’re dried naturally in the sun without the use of sulphur dioxide (which colours, as well as preserves), they have a rich, intense taste.
  • Our figs are a real succulent mouthful, full of tiny, sweet seeds in a chewy interior. Their outsides are often slightly crusted, as the internal sugars crystallise on the exterior.

For many of us, stuck in a gloomy British spring, a bag of Turkish apricots or sultanas is as near as we’re going to get to Mediterranean sun for some time. All the more reason to buy one now!

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