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Working every day with organic food, and chatting to lots of our customers, we get loads of good ideas and tips on making the best of organic food. We thought we’d share some of these organic food hacks with all of you. After all, we’re organic specialists – we firmly believe that everyone should eat organically where possible, for the sake of taste, nutrition and the environment. You can see all our organic foodstuffs here.

Our organic food hacks should help you nail your organic lifestyle

We’ve got some tips to help you choose organic

Organic food hacks: when it costs too much

Finding it too expensive to buy organic food? Here are some good workarounds. First, look into buying in bulk. This is by far the cheapest way to buy from Naturally Good Food. Bulk can mean large 25kg sacks or 10kg boxes – but it can also mean simply buying by the case, with our usual 10% case discount. Bulk buyers tend to qualify for free postage too. If you’re regularly eating organically, it should be easy to get through your bulk purchase, with our usual long use-by dates. If you’re not that regular a cook, consider getting together with friends to make a bulk order, then sharing it out between you. And finally, keep a close eye on our Sale. Here, we list products that for one reason or another, are on special offer. We often have some great deals on organic food there.

Our Sale is also a good place for an organic bargain.

Why not buy in bulk to lower the cost?

Organic food hacks: when it goes out of date too quickly

Organic food, without chemical preservatives, can sometimes have a shorter use-by date (though this isn’t true in all cases, by any means). However, this can actually work to your advantage. In supermarkets, for instance, organic food is frequently found in the aisle or basket reserved for a quick sale. Take it, eat it or cook with it that day, and save yourself money.

Remember as well that you can freeze all manner of organic food – from apples to quinoa!

Organic food hacks: when you’re pushed for time

Take a look at some of our organic ready meals, which allow you to eat organic even when there’s very little time to spare. We also have products that aren’t strictly ‘ready meals’, but are really quick to get on the table, such as the Clearspring Quick cook organic grains range, or Quinola Express – or even a packet of thin organic noodles with an organic sauce.

Organic food hacks: when you’re stuck in an organic desert

Navigate an organic desert with a pocketful of snack bars

Our organic snack bars help you out in a fix

Nothing organic around you – and yet you need a snack? This is where you need to plan just a little bit ahead. Buy organic dried fruit and nuts in small bags from us and mix them up for ready-made organic snacks while you’re on the go. Alternatively, invest in some readymade organic snack bars.

If you’ve got an organic food hack for us, please let us know!




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