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Big Oz breakfasts

Just now it’s a little hard to get hold of Big Oz organic and gluten free breakfast cereals, but to tide you over until supply starts up again here are a few alternative products you might find useful.

UPDATE May 16th 2017 Most Big Oz puffs are now back in stock.

One of the advantages of Big Oz has always been that they are a nut free producer, so I’ve made a note about nuts by each brand below.

Organic and Gluten Free Puffed Breakfast Cereal

Puffed Rice from KalloRice puffs from Kallo We have had these on our site since we started, as they are a reliable and popular choice. Simple and wholesome wholegrain brown rice, puffed  and available in just plain or with honey.

Very similar to the Big Oz Brown Rice Puffs but it is packed in a factory that uses sesame and nuts.



Hale and Hearty gluten free cerealsYou might like to try Hale and Hearty, although these sometimes are hard to get too! There is the Honey Bee Cereal made with corn, quinoa and rice cereal, and the Chocco Jungle Cereal made from rice, corn and quinoa with of course chocolate.

Both of these are not really puffs, more a crunchy cereal in small round nuggets, and very popular with children. These are also made in a factory that handles nuts and dairy, although the ingredients are nut and milk free.


Rude Health gluten free breakfastRude Health Not all of the Rude Health range is both organic and gluten free. Its a lovely range though with something for everybod,y and these two packs are both GF. The Honey Puffed Wholegrain Oats are gluten free and sweetened with only honey, no added refined sugar. The Puffed Brown Rice is very like the Big Oz version. Again the Rude Health packs carry the ‘made in a facility that handles nuts’ information.


Organic Puffed Quinoa is available packed by Infinity Food in 250g packs and bulk 15kg sacks, and Amaranth Pops from Biona in a 250g although they do not label these as gluten free.

The one we just can’t find at present is a replacement for Buckwheat Puffs, but we are having a go at popping buckwheat grains later and will let you know the outcome!

Organic and Gluten Free Flaked Cereal Grains

Big oz gluten free FlakesBig Oz normally have Brown Rice flakes, Buckwheat Flakes, Millet Flakes and Quinoa flakes, all of which are the ‘porridge’type rolled flakes, ready to use in muesli, porridge or baking.

Please call us to check current availability but you may find Infinity’s range of gluten free flakes a useful alternative for now, and they have the equivalent for all the varieties –  the packs carry the Crossed grain symbol as well as being labelled gluten free, but do carry a nut warning.

Gluten free flakes from Infinity


Gluten Free Breakfast Cereals

mesa sunrise gluten free organic breakfast Natures Path A great range of organic and gluten free breakfast cereals, mainly of the crispy crunchy type. Natures Path warn that these packs ‘may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts and soy’ Not puffs, but some lovely blends, such as the Mesa Sunrise flakes with corn, flax, quinoa and amaranth, and the Crispy Rice, which look puffed but are in fact a ‘Rice Crispie’ type of cereal sweetened with sugar and molasses.


Gluten Free breakfasts from OrgranOrgran have a number of gluten free breakfast cereals, not organic this time but they are nut free. Try Multigrain O’s with quinoa, or for the children, Itsy Bitsy Cocoa O’s, decidedly chocolatey!



Doves Farm Gluten Free breakfast cereals

From Doves Farm we stock a number of gluten free flakes, as in the cornflake type flakes, but please note that, unusually, the Cereal Flakes contain milk, and so the other ones carry a milk cross contamination warning as well as a soya and hazelnut one.

So hopefully we can keep you supplied with a delicious variety of GF breakfast cereals, and perhaps introduce you to a few new ones  – variety is the spice of life after all.


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