Has it got gluten in? Find out here.

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If you’re eating gluten-free, or catering for someone who is, this question will be one you ask yourself hundreds of times a week! When you’re new to ‘free from’ cooking, it can be hard to be absolutely certain which foods contain gluten. Has it got gluten in? Our list below should help give you some answers.

We've got a great list of gluten-free options. So when you ask Has it got gluten in?, we've got the answers and alternatives you need.

Has it got gluten in? We’ve got the answer.

We’ve given alternatives for each gluten-containing item. These are available from our extensive Free From section – take a look at it here. We’re experts in supplying customers with gluten-free food at the best possible price. With years of experience and a huge range, there’s no reason why those avoiding gluten should restrict their diets any further.

Has it got gluten in?

Yes What’s the alternative?
Wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, semolina, bran, bulghur wheat Other grains: buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, rice, millet, teff
Couscous As above – quinoa is a particularly good replacement
Wheat flour Almond flour, brown rice flour, coconut flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, chestnut flour, chickpea flour, cornflour, pea and bean flour, hemp flour, maize flour, potato flour, soya flour, sesame flour, tapioca flour, teff flour
Processed meat, including sausages and burgers Unprocessed meat! If you need breadcrumbs for your own burgers and sausages, buy gluten-free crumbs.
Oats Oats are generally contaminated with gluten during transportation, harvesting and processing. But you can buy guaranteed gluten-free oats from us here.
Readymade sauces These may well be wheat-flour-based. You could make your own, using the flour alternatives above – or buy one of our gluten-free sauce options here. For gravy, see our gluten-free gravies here.
Soy sauce Tamari tastes just the same and is gluten-free.
Malt vinegar Wine vinegar, cider vinegar, brown rice vinegar, coconut vinegar.
Processed snack bars, biscuits and cakes Browse our gluten-free snack bars, biscuits and cakes here.
Sweets Watch out for sweets that contain wheat glucose syrup – check out our sweet selection here for alternatives.


It goes without saying that this list is not definitive – if you need to eat gluten-free, then checking labels will become second-nature! With Naturally Good Food, it’s easy. Here’s how to make sure that you find our gluten-free products with no hassle:

  • Browse our Free From section here: this lists all our gluten-free products
  • In any of our sections, tick the left-hand box for ‘gluten-free’ to narrow your search down to gluten-free options.
  • Check for the ‘gluten free’ label below the photo of each product, just above the price.
  • And take a look at our gluten-free Bulk buying section too, for the best prices.

Happy gluten-free eating!



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