Emulsifiers in dairy-free milk: is this ok?

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We sell a huge range of dairy-free milks at Naturally Good Food – soya milks, nut milks, rice milks, oat milks, hemp milk, quinoa milk, coconut milk, and so on! We have these from a variety of brands and in a number of different forms: some are organic, some not; some have added vitamins and minerals, or flavourings, while others are entirely ‘pure’. We don’t stock any products that we’re not happy with or feel don’t fit our ethos.

Do you have any concerns about emulsifiers in your dairy-free milk?

Are you completely happy with your dairy-free milk?

One issue that sometimes causes concern is that of emulsifiers in dairy-free milks. These are ingredients like xanthan gum, soya lecithin or sunflower lecithin, and carrageenan, which are added to stop the product separating during transportation and storage – they’re sometimes called ‘stabilisers’. These are natural products in themselves, and serve a very useful purpose. However, some people find that they react negatively to them.

Do our dairy-free milks contain emulsifiers?

Some do. Here’s a list of those that currently include emulsifiers in their list of ingredients:

To be certain of ingredients, it’s always best to check our full product description. If it’s one we haven’t quite updated, or if you have any concerns, simply phone us to check the most up-to-date list of ingredients.

What’s the alternative?

Our other almond milks are also made without emulsifiers.

Rude Health’s Ultimate Almond Drink contains nothing but almonds and water.

If you’re concerned about emulsifiers, you can simply select one of our dairy-free milks without emulsifiers. For example, you might like our almond, hazelnut or soya milks – or you could give our dried sheep’s milk powder or quinoa milk a try. You can see all our dairy-free milks here.

Best of all, you might like to make your own dairy-free milk! This is usually a very simple process. Nuts, seeds and grains are soaked, then whizzed in a food-processor along with the soaking water to make a smooth drink. If you choose to sweeten this subsequently (for example, with honey or agave syrup) or add flavouring (vanilla is a favourite), then at least you’ll know exactly what you’ve put in.

Click here to see our full selection of nuts, here for seeds and here for grains.



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