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If you need large quantities of nuts, Naturally Good Food is the best place to shop. We specialise in providing bulk wholefoods, including nuts. We have organic and non-organic nuts: plain, blanched, ground, salted and spiced. We are often able to source unusual types of nuts in bulk, so if you can’t see exactly what you want, please just get in touch: or call 02476 541990



Buy nuts in bulk from Naturally Good Food.

Do you need nuts in bulk? We’ve got them all.

All our nuts in bulk

We stock the following nuts at Naturally Good Food. Where applicable, you’ll find these in all their various forms: whole and in pieces; with skins or shells on – and blanched; ground; flaked; salted and spiced. Click on each individual nut to see everything we offer.

Buying nuts in bulk is economical

Make sure you can store your bulk nuts properly.

Buying in bulk is the most economical way to shop.

Buying in bulk is the most economical way to shop at Naturally Good Food. There’s much less processing and packaging involved in supplying in bulk, so we pass these savings onto our customers. We can supply nuts in a range of large sizes, from a simple 1kg up to full 25kg sacks. There are lots of sizes in between: some customers find that our 2.5kg bags of nuts are just right, while others prefer 5kg. Some of the bulk boxes and sacks weigh 22.68kg, rather than a full 25kg – all the information is shown on our website.

If you’re buying pre-packaged nuts, we offer a standard 10% case discount. This would apply, for example, to these flaked almonds, in small sizes, from Infinity.

Storing bulk nuts

It’s important to make sure that you get the right size of box for your purposes. The nuts we sell have a long shelf-life (and nothing hangs about on our shelves for long), but nuts must be carefully stored if they’re not being used immediately. They should be kept in a cool place, refrigerated or frozen in small bags.

We love nuts!

We love nuts – they’re tasty to eat, packed with nutrition, and make wonderful snacks and recipe ingredients. We make that sure we taste every single variety (and batch) of nuts that comes our way, to be certain that we’re only sending out the very best.

To see all our nuts, click here.



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