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We’ve got a great range of organic tinned soup at Naturally Good Food, for those days when you need something quick, but want it to be high-quality and tasty. In recent years there’s been a move towards some really innovative combinations of ingredients in tinned soups – a welcome change from the old stalwarts stuck on supermarket shelves! Let’s take a look at some of our soups.

Free and Easy organic tinned soup

Free and Easy have just revitalised their tinned soups, with some great results. Now in easy-open cans, we’re stocking the following varieties:

Low-salt and in an easy-open tin: a lovely organic tinned soup

Sweet potato and chia soup: a great new flavour

These are also low-salt options – and the tomato is made with coconut milk for creaminess, meaning that it’s suitable for vegans too.

Geo Organics soups

Geo Organics are another great tinned-soup-maker. We love their surprising combinations of ingredients! From this company we stock:

We love the Geo Organics tin designs too.

Mushroom……and buckwheat? Now, that’s interesting.

We also admire the new Geo Organic soup tins, with their innovative images and text.

Amy’s Kitchen soups

From Amy’s Kitchen, we have two organic soups:

Suma soups

And from an old favourite, Suma, we have organic:

Great for a quick and healthy meal

Tuscan bean soup is an old Suma favourite

We also sell a good range of packet organic soups, from Clearspring and Just Wholefoods, as well as soup mixes if you’re in the mood to make your own. Click here to see all our souper products!

(And if you’re looking for something tasty to go with your soup, maybe try some of our crackers, oatcakes or breadsticks.)





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