Go gluten-free: and make it joyful!

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Feeling joyful? You might be if you read the new River Cottage gluten free cookbook. ‘This is a joyful book’, announces Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on page 6 – and it really is. Chock-full of wonderful photographs and sensible, tasty, gluten-free recipes, this truly is a book to put the joy into ‘free from’ cooking.

If you're going gluten-free, make it a joyful experience.

It’s time to put the joy into gluten-free cooking!

Too often, going gluten-free is seen purely as a negative move – rather like becoming a vegetarian used to be. But this book sees it only as a positive. Just as vegetarianism forces a cook to think of different sources of protein and different ways of cooking – thus probably expanding, rather than restricting a diet – so eating gluten-free doesn’t have to mean ‘giving up’ and sacrifice. Instead, in a ‘truly positive and life-enhancing step’, a cook can embrace the new ingredients and ways of cooking with them.

Overall, the book’s aim is to turn the ‘regretful no’ of giving up gluten into a ‘glorious, greedy yes!’

A joyful taster

Just one of our favourite gluten-free cakes

There’s no need to miss out on delicious food with a gluten-free diet

Want a taster? Well, the author, Naomi Devlin, gives us prosciutto mini quiches (a great idea, with the quiche mixture held in little cases of prosciutto), squash risotto (rice, of course, is gluten-free: the squash gives it an amazing colour and flavour), and peach crumble – among many, many other options.


Naomi is clear about the ingredients you’ll need to make the very best dishes. A lot of these are naturally gluten-free: fresh fruit and vegetables, for example, and herbs and spices. Where she replaces standard wheat-based products, such as flour, bread and pasta, she uses a range of flours and grains, with other ingredients to help bind or thicken. She lists these all in a straightforward fashion, and the roles they fulfil, in her introductory section.

We can help you out with ground almonds and psyllium husk too.

You need linseed? Yes, we’ve got that.

At the back of the book, Naomi recommends Naturally Good Food as a supplier of gluten-free flours, pasta, ground almonds, linseed and psyllium husk, among others. We’ve been providing gluten-free food to customers for years and have great expertise in it. We now supply a large amount of our gluten-free food in bulk too, to caterers and those who specialise in gluten-free cooking.

Click here to see our full gluten-free range – and have a ‘wander’ around the section: you’ll no doubt be amazed at what exactly you can buy that’s gluten-free.

‘Colourful, life-affirming, celebratory, downright delectable’: that’s how Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall described this book. Exactly the same can be said of good gluten-free cooking too.



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