It’s Allergy Awareness Week: we’ve got offers

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Naturally Good Food helps hundreds of people who suffer from allergies. We make sure that we offer real, healthy alternatives for people on restricted diets, to enable them to enjoy balanced and delicious meals. We also have toiletry, household and other products suitable for those who suffer from allergies. And to celebrate Allergy Awareness Week, we’ve got special offers on some of our most popular ranges.

To mark Allergy Awareness week, we've got special offers

We’re celebrating – with 10% off our full Orgran range

Allergy Awareness Week: Orgran gluten-free offers

Orgran describes itself as the ‘total free from solution’. Its whole range is free from gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, yeast, nuts and GMOs (it’s also all vegan.) Orgran is particularly popular with those with coeliac disease, which technically speaking, isn’t an allergy – or even an intolerance – but an autoimmune disease. However, Orgran is equally suitable for those who simply find that they react badly to an excess of gluten in their diet, and of course, is ideal for those with egg, dairy, yeast and nut allergies.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we’re giving an extra 10% discount on the full Orgran range over the next few weeks. To access the discount, simply use the voucher code ‘okforme’ at the checkout. You can use this as many times as you like, until May 15th.

We’re also highlighting Orgran’s free recipe app, which can be downloaded via their website. It’s got loads of good ideas for gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.

More gluten-free and dairy-free products

We can supply in bulk for caterers

We stock all your gluten-free baking ingredients

We don’t just stock Orgran. We’ve got a great, wide range of gluten-free brands, who between them, cover everything from gravy powder to triple chocolate cookies. We’re specialists in supplying gluten-free baking and cooking ingredients, and in providing bulk quantities of ‘free from’ food. We also carefully highlight our wholefoods products that are naturally gluten-free, such as amaranth, quinoa and brown rice. You can see our full gluten-free section here.

For dairy-free options, including perhaps the best range of milks and chocolates on the web, click here.

While our Allergy Awareness week special offer relates specifically to Orgran, we’ve always got some other free from foods in our Sale section – check it out here.

Other allergy friendly products

Make sure your house keeps you healthy too

Clean, green, natural cleaners

We’re not just about food – and allergies don’t just affect the stomach! We stock a wonderful range of household cleaners and toiletries which, made with natural ingredients, are much less likely to provoke an allergic reaction. Some, such as the Beaming Baby and Green People ranges, are specifically designed for children’s delicate skin. Adults are keen on them too, as they are on our ‘sensitive’ deodorants.

Hay allergy help

And if you’re suffering from one of the most common allergies there is at this time of year – hay fever – then perhaps these little tins of natural balm might help. Haymax is made from organic beeswax. It stops pollen from entering the nose and therefore cuts down on sneezing.

It's hayfever time, but there's no need to suffer

Keep sneezes at bay – the natural way

Take a look at our full range today, to see how Naturally Good Food can help you deal with your allergy.




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